10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• The Dow Through the Years (Moneybeat)
• ‘Money For Nothing’: The New Fed Documentary Is Absolutely Fascinating (Business Insider)
• Financial Secrets Revealed! (Just Don’t Ask Where They Came From) (Medium)
• Richard Posner Explains SEC Refusal to Act in Lehman Brothers Case (Firedoglake)
• Government banks $15 billion on Citigroup bailout (Fortune) but see Banks Seen at Risk Five Years After Lehman Collapse (Bloomberg)
• The biggest unanswered question about retiring in America (Reuters)
• Trying to Outguess the Unpredictable (NYT)
• British austerity was even worse than you thought (Wonkblog)
• The Science of Snobbery (Priceonomics)
• What Is Flat Design? (Gizmodo) see also Apple Unveils New iPhones at Cheaper Price (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?

30-yr Treasury Yield & the DJIA
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