Physics vs. Economics

Quote of the Day:

“The laws of physics have met the laws of economics. And the result has been a morass that has prevented the building of new transmission lines at a sufficient pace. The difficulties in winning permits coupled with lack of capital flowing to such projects means that the risks of large-scale reliability problems have increased because of inadequate or congested transmission lines. ”
– by Ken Silverstein, Blackouts Were Crystal Clear
(Note: Silverstein is Director of Energy Industry Analysis at Utilipoint)

There is a very good analysis on the long-standing underlying causes of the blackout from Reason Public Policy Institute. The site has a lot of good resources, including links to other sources of Energy Public Policy analyses. Definitely worth a look.

I found the pointer to this from Lynne Kiesling’s “The Knowledge Problem”. Kiesling’s blog focuses on energy issues, and is in itself a good resource. (Kiesling is Project Director of Economic Policy of RPPI)

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