Tuneful Tuesday’s Music Competition

Here’s the latest wrap up in the CD / DVD wars:

Best Buy continues their 2 for $20 DVD sale on select titles. The list includes premium titles such as Ice Age, Road to Perdition, Old School, Terminator 2, Meet the Parents and Snatch. There’s also a Tarantino Film Fest, with aggressive pricing on Kill Bill vol 1, Pulp Fiction, and Reservior Dogs.

On the CD side, Rooney, Godsmack, Autopilot and Dropbox are all $6.99; YellowCard, Fear Factory, Drowing Pool and Josh Kelley are $7.99.

Prince’s “Musicology” and “Very Best of” are $9.99.

J&R Music World has a $6.99 special, but they are all older titles from Jimi Hendrix, Mary J. Bilge, Cat Stevens, Ella Fitzgerald, and John Coltrane:

Also, check out Blenders’ 50 Worst Songs Ever. Very funny

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