CDNOW Preferred Buyer’s Club


I’ve long held that the music industry’s artificial price maintenance is the source of a huge amount of their problems.

I was quite surprised to learn that within is CDNOW’s Preferred Buyer’s Club. And an even bigger surprise was that their prices are actually quite reasonable. Last nite, I ordered these 3 discs (free shipping):

The Mose Chronicles: Live in London, Vol. 1 Mose Allison $9.99

Mose Allison -

Mose Allison

Afterglow Sarah Mclachlan $7.99
B0000C6E4D  -

Lost in Space Aimee Mann $9.99
Aimee Mann -
Aimee Mann

Under $10 is the price I believe CDs would sell for if true market place competition was allowed — no oligopoly, no restrain of trade, no price fixing agereement.

If DVDs are $15, how can CDs be possibly be worth anything more than 2/3 of that . . .?

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