A Journalistic First

This has to be a first:

Altercation, Eric Alterman’s fine blog on Media matters, ran with the F9/11: What political impact? today in his correspondent’s section.

And as the previous post mentioned, National Review‘s Larry Kudlow picked up a quote from yesterday’s “Do Over.”

Altercation and NRO on the exact same day.

That has to be some kind of a record: simultaneous mentions in the most politically inapposite publications imaginable. (Too bad the comments in the Gay Financial Network were from Monday).

Small world.

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  1. Chibi commented on Jun 30

    Heh, maybe YOU should be running for president with this gift for being able to connect to polar opposites like you do. Hard to beat the benefits package…

  2. skeptic commented on Jun 30

    I clicked your link to Alterman, and found no mention whatsoever. Apparently, you are a legend, but only in your own mind.

  3. Barry Ritholtz commented on Jun 30


    the link works fine — scroll down (or control F “big picture”)

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