Rumor Control

Dan Gillmor points to a new National Security blog: This Is Rumor Control

Here’s their self description:

Welcome to This Is Rumor Control, a new blog dedicated to original reporting, commentary, and discussion of security and foreign policy issues. Over the last several years, we have watched U.S. foreign policy drastically shift to an extreme and dangerous place, breaking historic traditions and principles solidified by decades of diplomacy. In discussions with colleagues and friends, who are current and former intelligence, military, and foreign service officers, we learned how severely off-track our policies have become. We have participated in debate after debate in the media, as well as in our own circles, only to be dismissed or criticized for our willingness to challenge the current strategies aimed at curbing terrorism and anti-Americanism.

If you follow geopolitcal issues, this may be a worthwhile blog to watch . . .

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