Slate picks up Accelerated Depreciation


Slate’s Moneybox column picked up our recent two part series on Accelerated Depreciation of Capital Spending (ADCS) . . . They were quite benevolent, and had embarrassingly kind words for your humble scribe.

The two part series Slate refers to is an extension of a question which has been puzzling me for quite a while: Why have Economists been so wrong — and by so much, and for so long — about Job Growth? Or as the WSJ put it, why is “Slow Job Growth Puzzling Economists?”

This was initially a very l o n g piece: Economists vs. Job Creation: Why the disconnect? Subsequently, I refocused it on ADCS, and then split that into two 2 readily digestable parts:

Part I

Download Word Doc
Download PDF

Part II

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Download Word Doc

It is a challenge to make the wonk stuff jargon-free and understandable to the layperson. Please let me know if I succeeded in doing so . . .

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