New Column up at Real Money (12/31/04)


My latest column, "Five Under-the-Radar Trends for 2005" is up at RM. These five are significant issues which have not been getting a lot of ink / electrons — but should be.

Here’s an excerpt:

‘Tis the season for lists of predictions, trends and "best of" picks. Investors get deluged with articles offering advice on where to invest and suggestions for must-own stocks. This isn’t that kind of column.

Readers already know the impact oil has had on the economy, that deflation (and inflation) were issues, that the dollar has been weak, that Iraq is problematic, that the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates and that dividends were important in 2004, and will be even more so next year.

Let’s avoid the obvious. Instead, think about issues that have received less coverage but are of no less importance. Because these issues have been under the radar, the markets may not yet have fully discounted their potential impact. As such, these issues still have the ability to surprise, and therefore, significantly impact prices . . .

What are the five under the radar trends?

    1. FASB Option Expensing Begins June ‘0
    2. Job Creation Still MIA
    3. Accelerated Depreciation Goes Buh-Bye
    4. Rise of the Pure Patent Business Model
    5. Terrorist Act Against the U.S.
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