Media Appearance: Power Lunch (3/30/05)


I am back on CNBC’s  Power Lunch with Bill Griffeth and Sue Hererra, between 1pm and 2pm today.  We’ll be talking about earnings, investing, stocks and the market.

I have to assume some of the discussion will be on Monday’s Bearish call. I hope to discuss where investors can hide during a downturn. Once again, I am teamed with big Joe Besecker of Emerald Asset Management.  (Its Joe’s turn to buy lunch, too!)


UPDATE: March 30, 2005 10:26pm

Whenever I do anything on CNBC, I get the same coupla questions over and over.

The most common one is "What’s it like?" So I brought my Exilim Digital Camera and took a few snaps.

Here’s what it looks like to stare into the maw of the camera:
click for larger photo


Just a little intimidating . . . (but you get used to it eventually)

The new CNBC studios in Englewood Cliffs

click for larger photo


are huge, and the studio offices are just gynormo; behind the white screen is where the sets are.

Oh, and the other question I get all the time?

It seems that every other guy on Wall Street has a crush on Becky Quick: "What’s she like?"   

She’s very very nice (and actually does most of here stuff extemporaneously — no teleprompter)

This is what she is like in real life:
click for larger photo


For future reference, can we come up with more erudite questions . . . ?

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  1. ray guilfoyle commented on Mar 30

    Barry-you da man!!! Thanks for the close up.
    Hey-love your site, and your RM articles. Are you still in Ampex? That thing drops below 40 and pops right back up everytime.


  2. Eric Anderson commented on Mar 30

    You should bring her a filing cabinet. Or at least a TrapperKeeper and a snow cone.

  3. JT Ploch commented on Mar 31

    Great pics, Barry.

    Thanks for the insight; ~ I even got a few butterflies.

    I will be out in New York/New Jersey in late May on business and am looking into make my first appearance on the set.

    If I can’t get on in Englewood Cliffs, I have it on good word the ‘password’ to get inside the set with Leslie Laroche in Times Square. Im not sharing as this is my “ace in the hole”.


    JT Ploch
    Market Strategist

  4. brian commented on Mar 31

    I find it amusing that TV almost without exception hires gals who are routinely in their late 20s-early 30s (but rarely older than mid 40s), but does not care that most of their male counterparts are at least in their 40s/50s/60s+.

  5. drew commented on Jun 17

    any truth to the rumor that she is the daughter of the ‘quick and reilly’ quick? she has no business being on the air. did anyone hear the steve wynn interview? what a dolt.

  6. Vision commented on Jul 28

    Becky Quick is such a perfect goddess!!!

    Thx for the great pic of her!

  7. Greg commented on Sep 13

    Becky is so very pretty, my God, please get more pictures…. But if not thanks having a nice picture of her.

    Take care

  8. Kei commented on Sep 17

    Check out becky quick!

  9. mike kline commented on Oct 11

    Please get more pictues of Becky! She’s such a cutie.

  10. Mark Haines commented on Oct 14

    I heard a rumor that Becky Quick may be in December’s Playboy pictorial , “Woman of Wall Street”
    Is this true? I hope so. Do you think she would autograph my copy? Does she do autographs?

  11. Tristan commented on Oct 19

    What is Becky’s birthdate?

  12. P Swanson commented on Oct 26

    Becky is quite etraordinary! Far more intelligent than most of the show’s crew and guests and so much younger and more hip than her co-hosts. Love waking up to her TV presence but wish she were in a more entertaining environment. NBC should lose Lauer and team Katie with Becky. I’d work more from home for that!

  13. Gordy commented on Feb 27

    Becky is definitly a hot gal. She has talent and intelligence. Being a former broker I have never known anyone with such business knowledge and on air abilities. I watch her ever day and still learna few things from her. The guy who posted the Steve Winn comment is a twit and probably plays for the other team, if you know what I mean….

  14. Fred commented on Sep 6

    So far I think she’s hot but have never seen a photo of her from the waist down. Is she hiding something down there????

  15. steve commented on Sep 15

    Becky is a very beautiful lady…but I was wondering if she ever had plastic surgery, the top half of her face seems very stiff and hardy moves when she talks and laughs

  16. nats commented on Oct 10

    Where is Becky? Did Alexis Glick steal her away from CNBC?

  17. richard rodrigo commented on Mar 7

    I would like an autograph picture of her. My address is 53 bedford drive whitesboro,ny 13492

  18. North Winship commented on Aug 27

    Don’t you just love when the geeky girls grow up to be hot?

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