Redesign Coming!

Are you as tired of this boring layout as I am?

I’d like to jazz the place up a bit — nothing over the top, just some fresh typeface, some new colors — maybe a few pictograms.

If you ever see Weekly read — thats an appealing interface. Clean, crisp. Granted, there haven’t been any new posts since July 2004 — but its sharp typography.

I also like the understated elegance of Umair Haque’s funky fresh Bubble Generation. Its unique without being distracting.


So the redesign is coming — hopefully, it will be up by this weekend!

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  1. sillycanuck commented on Apr 7

    The old cliche, “If it works, don’t fix it”, can often be an excuse to ignore something that needs a change. Your site is not one of those cases.

    The understated elegance you talk about at Bubble Genereation has been, in my opinion, overstated.

  2. Hans Suter commented on Apr 7

    they’re underdesigned, I’d rather prefer the one you actually have.

  3. mh497 commented on Apr 7

    I like your current design better too, but I’ll put up with the ‘new, new’ if I have to.

  4. rich commented on Apr 7

    the site works fine as it is…it’s easy to read…I guess you are bored with it but as a reader I would prefer that it stayed unchanged…

  5. JWC commented on Apr 7

    Actually, I like your design. Can’t stand the overdone sites that are slow to load and hard to read. However, I will be here, no matter what.

  6. John Kuran commented on Apr 7

    Please keep the current design. It’s probably one of the best out there.

  7. Hans Suter commented on Apr 7

    let me add this: in advertising the first to be bored by the running campaign (design) is the agency, followed by the client, followed by sales people, followed by outlets and then by the people who buy the stuff.

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