Your world with Neil Cavuto: (5/09/05)



A heads up: I’ll be appearing on Fox today: Cavuto on Business @ 4:10pm EST.

The topics include merger mania, The Fed, and what’s left of Earnings season.

I’m on with some guy from Ryan Beck. (I wonder if he will be Bullish?)

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  1. Gerald A. Eddy commented on May 10

    If you would consider attempting to awaken our nation to the most potentially devastating economic event of the decade or several decades, mention the certainty that flu is coming. Specifically, avian flu (H5N1) currently cooking away in Asia, or another like it, will within the next few months or years adapt to mammals and take off. If it retains a fraction of its current high virulence, it will justifiably frighten the world economy to a standstill. Travel, deliveries and business generally will stop or diminish greatly.

    We are doing relatively little to prepare for this, and current vaccines will be useless. When it comes, it will devastate the world economy.

    Try reading this, available on the web:

    N.E.Jrnl. Med. Volume 352:1839-1842
    May 5, 2005
    Number 18

    Preparing for the Next Pandemic
    by Michael T. Osterholm, Ph.D., M.P.H.

    “……..What if the next pandemic were to start tonight? If it were determined that several cities in Vietnam had major outbreaks of H5N1 infection associated with high mortality, there would be a scramble to stop the virus from entering other countries by greatly reducing or even prohibiting foreign travel and trade. The global economy would come to a halt, and since we could not expect appropriate vaccines to be available for many months and we have very limited stockpiles of antiviral drugs, we would be facing a 1918-like scenario…….”

    Gerald A. Eddy, DVM, PhD
    White Stone, VA 22578

  2. D. Rosenberg commented on Feb 28

    Mr. Cavuto; I enjoy your program, but, today you stated that only 4% of containers are inspected. Please check your facts, 84% are inspected by means other than opening the box. The box is opened on 5% as you stated. Inspecting for nukes, suspicios cargo and etc is none with many and sundry devices both at the ports of origin, as well as ports of destination. Suspicious boxes are inspected without reporting to the public, it has to remain confidential. Don’t worry, the chance of a seaborne attack is slim, continue to watch the airports. No country except the US will sell explosives to almost anyone with the money to buiy them. Hon. D. Rosenberg USN (Ret)

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