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Very nice comments from Barron’s this week about The Big Picture:

Not Another Blah, Blah Blog

This week’s financial blog, the Big Picture (bigpicture.typepad.com) covers more than investing (one recent post discussed the finer points of making a great cup of coffee). Barry Ritholtz, chief market strategist for Maxim Group, says of his blog, "…if you’re looking for dry, run-of-the-mill market observations, you’ve come to the wrong place." (The blog isn’t associated with his employer.)

Ritholtz provides commentary and links to market-related articles, but he also, as a good blogger should, tells us what he thinks. Recent entries have covered catalysts that might move the market (the housing bubble bursting, say, or euro weakness); the willingness to admit that you’re wrong ("You either nail it or you don’t"); and a comparison of real estate with equity-market capitalization. His eclectic posts (commodities, food and drink, politics or music) generally appear several times daily. Well worth it.

Thanks for the kind words . . .


UPDATE JUNE 13, 2005 7:17am

A minor clarification — all the posts on this
side of the blog (The Big Picture) are Market related — be it economics, geopolitics,
technology, even the music and film industry discussions. We key in on the factors (including longer term shifts) that are
impacting the investing environment. This also includes specific
industry drivers, as well as their component equities. Not to recommend names, but rather to dissect the macro factors  that are impacting those names.   

Everything else — all that which is unrelated to investing — gets segregated into essays & effluvia.
That way, anyone interested in my market perspectives
— but who really don’t want to be subjected to my rants on bad drivers,
good food, annoying people and amusing web stuff — can avoid the unrelated effluvia. 

Daily traffic on The Big Picture is between 5,000-10,000 page views; essays & effluvia runs between 2,000-3,000.


Electronic Investor: Gold Nuggets

Theresa W. Carey, Kathy Yakal
Barron’s Monday, June 13, 2005      

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  1. ANON commented on Jun 13

    Congrats on the nice writeup. Another interesting piece in Barron’s is the interview with Ray Dalio. He closes the interview with: “On a totally different subject, let me add here that there is a revolution going on in how money is being managed. There’s going to be a shift away from traditional investing, and traditional investing favors equities most. There are going to be major net flows away from equity markets over the next number of years. Money will go to bonds to some extent and to nontraditional investments, but it will be at the expense of equities.”

  2. John Bethel commented on Jun 13

    I second the congratulations on a great writeup in Barron’s. Your blog certainly sets a standard of excellence for all bloggers and readers.

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