A word about “Tipping Points”

A word about tipping points:

As much as I want to avoid using cliches, "tipping point," is such an economical phrase, I ask you to grant me this indulgence on rare occasions

Plus, I cannot help myself. The alternative is my writing:

"Eventually, oil prices will matter far more than they have so to date. The intersection between
energy consumption and the economy has a non-linear dynamic to it. While
$40 and $50 and even $60 oil have not done significant damage to global
consumption, there will come a certain price that will. Eventually, high energy will be the straw that breaks
the global economy’s back, causing a worldwide slowdown or even recession."

Or, I can merely type that Oil hasn’t reached its tipping point yet.

I know it has rapidly become an over-used cliche, but it can be a terribly useful one.

To make it up to you, I hereby promise to refrain from using the phrase Blink under all but the most dire circumstances.

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