Spammers terminated With Extreme Prejudice

I’ve been getting deluged with Spam Comments and Trackbacks lately.

In an effort to keep this site from turning into little more than a way to refinace your home, buy Viagra (cheap!) or increase the size of your manhood, I am viciously removing any and all posts that are remotely spam like. Off topic comments, trolls,  or mere URLs will recieve similar treatment.

I do not mind anyone referencing back to their own site, or pointing to a post – as long as its even tangentially related to the topic at hand.

The vast majority of the comments to the site are productive, intelligent, useful additions to the Big Picture. I aim to keep them that way . . .

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  1. Michael commented on Jul 20

    This problem is way out of control. The day before you posted this I had to turn off comments and trackbacks on my site b/c the load from blocking all the spam was bringing the server to its knees. Six Apart (or some third party) really needs to come up with a better solution.

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