Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (08/19/05)


A quick heads up:

I will be appearing on a very interesting show today at 5:00pm on CNBC:  a full hour long market/economics discussion on Kudlow & Company, with a rather eclectic collection of guests. In addition to me, your humble blogger, also on the show will be:

· Congressman Harold Ford (D- Tennessee)

· Ben Stein (Actor/lawyer/Econ-dude)

· Robert F. Zagunis (Jensen Funds Portfolio Manager)

· Craig Russell (Forex trader)

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  1. john brown commented on Aug 19

    Always enjoy your appearance. Gotta say, tho, that it is hard to stay up for Kudlow after spending most of the night watching the market. Fortunately this is Saturday. (Price of living in Sydney.)
    I take issue with what other panelists were saying about WalMart. They said it is the best thing to happen to American workers because it brings them cheaper products. Maybe, but I think it just another great big colonialist in Corporate drag, sending production off shore and leaving behind empty manufacturies and also leaving behind values (call them standards) that say workers should get health and safety protection, hourly work limits, etc. to guarantee them, our fellow citizens of the world, some quality of life. Let’s not forget that China outlaws unions outright and any attempt to form one is met by police force and prison. I am sure you could not even discuss the topic over Microsoft or Yahoo or other nets serving China. I abhor some of the heavy handed history of unionism in the US in the 20th century, would never belong to one, and find myself amazed that I even empathize with them in this case. But I do think they can be necessary where laws and regulation fail to provide basic protection.

  2. nate commented on Aug 19

    Thanks for the heads up on your blog that would be on Kudlow.

    Interesting show. Lots happening.

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