Weekend Linkfest

Its a lovely Autumn day out. My plans are to sit outside with my dog, the NYT, a Padron, and enjoy the weather.

But before we do that, how about a quick look at some interesting stories from this week?

• Barron’s Alan Abelson points out the economic "dots" which readers can draw the line between (If no Barron’s, go here);

• The NYT’s Gretchen Morgenson opens a can of whoop-ass in her Sunday NYT’s column, admonishing Corporate management to "Sit Down & Shut Up."  (If no NYT, go here);

• What if you couldn’t move the contents of a CD to your iPod? That happened last week, thus begatting a huge controversy:  DRM Crippled CD: A bizarre tale in 4 parts;

• Speaking of which: There is a robust and growing market for refurbished, used iPods;   

• The Apprenticed Investor follows up last week’s piece with everything you wanted to know about stop losses;

• The WSJ’s E.S. Browning asks: "So, What Really  Drives the Stock Market?" (If no WSJ, go here);

•  Jeff Matthews sees Shades of 1987?

• IBD says:  Avoid Buying Low-Priced Stocks; Search For High Quality Instead   

• Forbes’  strange, sour essay, Attack of the Blogs, generated a firestorm of controversy. Former Forbes ASAP editor Mike Malone:  Forbes Fumbles the Blogosphere shreds the magazine, arguing that Forbes is a terrific contrary indicator on all things technology;

• Related topic: How to Avoid Being Blog-Bashed;

• Speaking of blogs: The Mess that Greenspan Made discovered a GM/Hummer dealer  Overfloweth with inventory. So to avoid scaring off potential buyers, he stored a few trucks at a local hotel parking lot. How many? Tyr 300 assorted H2s and H3s (with photos)!

• Why does the blogosphere even exist? Because Corporate media stopped doing their jobs.

• Like Burgers?  The check out this list of Best Burgers in NYC

• And in what must be the strangest finance-related story this week, we bring you: The Return of the Fidelity dwarf;

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