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In a column "Guide to the Blogs Insiders Read to Stay Current," this morning’s WSJ had some nice very things to say about The Big Picture; it was an honor just to be included:

"Here are some of the most influential blogs across industries ranging from publishing and finance to health care and Hollywood, put together by The Wall Street Journal’s beat reporters in these areas."

Here’s the key para:

"This blog mixes straight market commentary with Mr. Ritholtz’s musings on the inner workings of glamorous industries such as music, film and technology.  Ritholtz mulls over interest rates, gross domestic product and bond markets, complete with charts and links to news sites. Then, on separate pages, he ruminates on movie box-office slumps, TiVo and music file-sharing. Contemplation takes many forms, including quotes and essays. He evaluates news like the latest on the avian flu and inserts eye-catching charts and graphics to make his point."

Thanks for the kind words!

I never think of these as "glamor" industries, but rather, areas that are quite fascinating — rapid growing sectors that are key to the US economy.   

Take a look at the other sites mentioned in the column — there are lots of great pages mentioned, and I am humbled to be included with other sites I consider to be terrific.

Here’s the link to the free version of this:  http://tinyurl.com/c6e2n


What the In-Crowd Knows
From Hollywood to Wall Street, Our Guide to the Blogs Insiders Read to Stay Current

November 16, 2005; Page D1


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  1. nate commented on Nov 16

    congratulations! i saw it too-

  2. John commented on Nov 16

    Just a quick tip… You could use SimURL.com instead of tiny url and actually see how many people click on a link.

  3. Alopex Lagopus commented on Nov 17

    Who else was included? (Sorry, I’m not going to go check out WSJ after their public support for torture.)

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