Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (12/07/05)


A quick heads up:

Big show on Kudlow & Company tonite, from 5:00 to 5:30 pm. Its for three or so segments of the show, and we will be discussing why this is hardly a Goldilocks Economy, and the issue of Headlines versus Underlying Data.

I’m told this will be a free wheeling debate on the state of the economy: Inflation, GDP, Retail Sales, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Savings Rates, Yield Curve, Account Balances, etc.

I guess I’m there as the realist/Bear; I don’t know who will be channeling the ghost of Spiro Agnew will be Brian Wesbury . . . Noah Blackstein of Dynamic funds will be the Neutral rabid Bull.

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  1. nate commented on Dec 7

    Wesbury is a NW alum who lives in IL?

    How about asking Wesbury how he explains trends in median household income in the state of Illinois (down around $6,000 in real terms during the last 5-6 years). This would be interesting to me. Are households voluntarily making less money? Or is it somethign else? What is it?

    Thank you for considering this.

  2. nat commented on Dec 7

    “something” not “somethign”

  3. Rob commented on Dec 7

    Barry, your unique position on K&CO. is that you are part of the reality based community. The rest are cheerleaders for the most part.
    P.S. Great blog. I don’t know very much about economics, but find your blog very intesting, none the less.

  4. pjfny commented on Dec 7

    How come if you try to inject some realism into judging the ecocnomy away from the rara wall street cheer leaders you are called cult bear……reminding me of the dotcom religion in the late 90’s when any sceptics was greeted with being called the anti-believer.

    Well done standing up to the dum bulls, who did not even try to use any facts (only emotions) to refute you.
    Don’t forget….money is not being made by going with the consensus.
    Thanks you for standing you gound!

  5. No Fortunate Son commented on Dec 7


    With all due respect, I don’t know why you even bother with that show. It’s not like you don’t have other opportunities to express your opinions; including the rest of the CNBC lineup (not to mention this fine blog). As far as I can tell (and correct me if I’m wrong), Blackstein is just another permabull (which adds no value) and I needn’t even comment on Wesbury and Kudlow. But if you insist on being a glutton for punishment, you shouldn’t let Kudlow & Cronies mis-characterize you as some kind of permabear. Those of us who frequent this site know that’s not the case.

  6. Brian commented on Dec 7

    One realist v. 3 permabulls. Here’s how a smart investor uses CNBC: do the opposite of what all the cheerleaders are saying. It’s also valuable for marking obvious tops, like the non-stop coverage of real estate over the summer.

    And, Jesus on a moped, they had reknown petroleum geologist Steve Forbes on at 7:00 tonight to talk about how oil was going back to $35. (Well, he weaseled that it might be more like $35-40). Being an energy bull I know I’m paranoid but boy do they hate energy on that channel.

  7. blue commented on Dec 7

    i’ll this for you Barry, I would NEVER ever watch Kudlow on CNBC if it weren’t for you. I think you bring something out in Lawrence, for all his nattering nabobery I am impressed with the value he places on your opinion. I now occasionally watch when you’re NOT on the show.

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