The Redesign

The and Real Money have completed a full redesign.

Note that Real Money now has "blogs."

Aside from RM (which is still kinda an alternative media), I’m not really sure what I think about the mainstream press — i.e.,  NYT, CNBC — blogging; It kinda misses the point of the small voice rising above the din via pure meritocracy. Compare that with, Hey, we have 1 million readers, come look at this.

I guess print has to do something to staunch the defection rate.

Anyway, have a gander at the new look:

click for larger screen grabs:



— or just go here:

The and Real Money

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  1. anon commented on Jan 21

    I view blogs as complementary to traditional media – not a substitute.

    During breaking news, blogs may be quicker to cover stories than traditional media. Traditional media is kind of slow. If big news happens in my neighborhood, I or other bloggers will inevitably be there with a camera and tell the story. Sure, bloggers might not be given the access that other media are given. But at the earliest stages of breaking news, access is not always regulated.

  2. danny commented on Jan 21

    one writes:

    I view blogs as complementary to traditional media – not a substitute.

    You are playing monday morning quarterback. blogs originated as a counterpoint. non-MSM. but MSM appropriated their appeal. bound to happen.

  3. Josh commented on Jan 22

    So RealMoney home page doesn’t load now in Firefox? Great redesign.

  4. anon commented on Jan 22

    Newspapers and traditional media will not break the most recent news faster or better than blogs. It is somewhat unpredictable what blogger will be uniquely positioned to get the news story.

    Newspapers have been monopolies or monopolistic competition for a while. Blogs bring competition in a new way.

  5. Josh commented on Jan 22

    Just received word from TSCM support — some PC Firefox users may need to clear the cache. After that the redesigned site loaded just fine.

    I still don’t see how the changes add value to RealMoney subscribers. We can already read the columns we want in the traditional view, before they are reposted to blogs, and have no problem finding relevant blogs such as this one or Roger Nussbaum’s without TSCM’s assistance or advertising.

  6. Kevin H. Stecyk commented on Jan 22

    PC user with Firefox. Cleared cache multiple times and still can’t access. I can access Street Insight.

  7. Marc Brazeau commented on Jan 22

    It loaded for me on Firefox on a PC. It was slow though.

  8. anna commented on Jan 22

    I’m not sure why they “blog,” thos are columns, but comments attached to every story would be radical. A newspaper could build public discusson around traffic conditions or anything else. The pure critical mass would help shut out the local blogs who some are figuring out is a weight to have influence. Specialization.

  9. Gina commented on Jan 23

    As I approach 50 I find the new site very hard to read-not only is the print smaller, but the font is finer…

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