4,500,000 hits . . .


Since I launched this little exercise in teaching myself HTML, we have had over 4 million hits

Since registering with Site Meter on November 9, 2004, there have been 3,012,843 visitors, and 4,534,149 page views (on top of the 939,781 visitors pre-sitemeter).

As of February, we were averaging over 400,000 page views per month (not too shabby)


gotta remember to grab a better screen shot of that at the end of a month

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  1. Abobtrader commented on Mar 6

    Congratualtions! The numbers highlight the quality of your site and of your analysis.

    wishing you all the best for the future.

  2. Michael commented on Mar 6

    Very impressive numbers Barry. Congrats. You should pop an ad or two on your pages! :-)

  3. KirkH commented on Mar 6

    I’d avoid ads, every time I read a thoughtful analysis followed by ads for gold I begin to wonder about motives.

    Oh by the way, BusinessWeek had a few comments from your blog in their print version. Blog aggregation on paper, wave of the future.

  4. Tim commented on Mar 6

    Dang, those are big numbers. Congratulations! I hope to reach numbers like that someday. :)

  5. ilian commented on Mar 6

    4.5 million is really big number! you have to make next step (next level) …it’s up to you

  6. Mark commented on Mar 6


    In an effort to provide full disclosure, monetary support for the site is provided through the sale of The Big Picture’s sole licensed product, namely, “The Sweater”. For a full description, including ordering information, please tune in to the Home Shopping Network between 3 and 4am EST on Wednesdays.

    Thank you for your great response to date.

    Mark McCormack, President
    “The Sweater” Marketing Group LLC

  7. Marc Shivers commented on Mar 6

    Impressive! Watching my blog’s sitemeter traffic is almost as addictive as blogging itself. I have to limit myself to checking no more than once a day. Though I have to admit, lagging sitemeter traffic is a great motivator to posting something new.

  8. MLong commented on Mar 6

    Hey Barry, Is there an estimate of how many of those are duplicates? I know I quite frequently pop back & forth, and sometimes even multiple times in a day.

  9. Barry Ritholtz commented on Mar 6

    No hard data on that, I have to think some of them are — if nothing else, my own impatience in watiing for something just posted to show up!

  10. touche commented on Mar 6

    I find this site very rewarding and visit at least once a day. Many thanks.

  11. todd commented on Mar 7

    congrats! I can’t put my finger on it, but you’ve created something very special here.

  12. nick commented on Mar 8

    thanks for the great blog, you’ve taught me a lot about macro! much respect.

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