Hmmm, 36,000. Delicious!


"John Snow will have a replacement, and he may very well come from the corporate world. But if it’s an A-list Wall Street CEO, I’ll buy a copy of Dow 36,000 and eat the first chapter."

So said Slate columnist Dan Gross on April 7.

On May 30th, Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson took the job. So Gross, true to his word, bought a used copy on Amazon for 4 cents, shredded the first chapter, mixed it with assorted greens, and ate it.

Here is the video of the meal:

Salad ala Glassman
(click for video)



The funniest part of this whole thing? By the time you read this, the book is now in a form most suitable to its content!

Um, hey Dan? No more stupid promises, ok?


I Eat a Book
I made a stupid promise. And now I have to keep it.
Daniel Gross
Posted Friday, June 9, 2006, at 4:24 PM ET

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  1. Jeff D commented on Jun 10

    Good for him for being a good sport about it.

  2. C commented on Jun 10

    The chef with the salad tongs loading the pages into the shredder was a nice touch.

  3. K-Dawg commented on Jun 10

    mmmm…tasty. Mixed greens, a little basalmic, and some immitation bacon bits……low in carbs to boot.

  4. Businesspundit commented on Jun 11

    Dan Gross Fulfills a Promise And Eats a Chapter of “Dow 36,000”

    Dan Gross made a stupid promise. On April 7, searching for one of those snappy rhetorical endings that is the hallmark of every Slate piece, I reached a bit too far. Skeptical that the Bush administration could convince a boldface…

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