Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (6/01/06)


This is the regular gig :  Today’s Kudlow & Company, is on CNBC today at 5pm. I’m scheduled to be on from 5:20 to 6:00 pm.

Today I am gabbing with regulars Herb Greenberg of Marketwatch and John Rutledge of Rutledge Capital. Also appearing: Brett Gallagher of Julius Baer Investment Management, Michael Morris, CEO of American Electric Power.

Subjects will clearly be Paulson, the Fed and Metals and today’s rally. 

(Time was short due to the Iraq announcement/Bolton interview)


UPDATE: June 1, 2006 5:43am

Three quick tidbits from last nights gig: 

I had the driver from hell: through Central Park, then Harlem on the way to NJ (Hey! There’s a Dinosaur Barbecue on 131st St and 12th! Gotta check that out). On the way back to the City, via Times Square. Don’t ask.   

In the Green room, I meet AEP’s CEO, Mike Morris. So as not to surprise him on air, I mention I was short AEP in 2002. Yes, Enron had something to do with it, but it was really based on a terrific call from Kevin Lane, who combines technicals and fundie/quant work. He saw the decelleration before anyone else.

Also, in the lobby is the trading contest Maserati; Today is the day they announce the winner. No coincidence, just up the street about 2 miles was a Ferrari/Maserati dealer.



Not a bad looking set of wheels — detuned Ferrari 400-horsepower engine, F1 style shifter (clutchless), all for $98k. I’d have to think about what else I’d like in the same price range –perhaps the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, which is a more classic looking coupe.

And if I am going to drop 100 large on a set of wheels w/o a stick (and have the wife stop talking to me — for both the price and automatic), I might as well step up to $165k and get the Bentley GT.   

But the Maser should definitely be giving the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 a run for its money (I never really got used to the hinged pedals).

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  1. Ron D commented on Jun 1

    Help Kruddddlow I feel sorry for the waffler on any issue now he needs help. Wallstreet shills have tough job.

  2. drey commented on Jun 1

    Barry you mentioned utils as good place to be for the 2nd half – don’t they seem a tad rich at these levels?

    Also, any thoughts on the historical connect/disconnect between utilities and industrials? What I’m getting at is I have a feeling they may not escape mkt wackage despite the fact that they are traditionally a defensive play…

    I like your call on gold settling around 575 – we’ll see.

  3. Jim commented on Jun 1

    A guru I have followed for a while and have been impressed with says that when the rally we are seeing now is finished, it will be a setup for one of the best sells in a generation.

  4. me2200 commented on Jun 1

    I missed the program. What was said about metals besides the aforementioned gold call ? (Which I agree with, BTW…)

  5. emd commented on Jun 1

    you didn’t miss anything…. other than Mike Morris’ blank stare when kudlow asked why AEP is underperforming the DJ Util Avg (Morris seems like a decent guy but AEP is about as backwards as they come…. Paul Addis should be running the show there).

    short segment. very little substance. loved kudlow shooting at the hedgies…. that was a classic move.

  6. Alaskan Pete commented on Jun 1

    Jim, many people read Puplava’s site and Martin Goldberg’s commentary therein. Your unnamed “guru” has been outed.

  7. Pilot Fish commented on Jun 1

    Sometimes I wonder if GE/CNBC ever thinks about how many people might deliberately turn CNBC OFF when Kudlow comes on. I know I do (yeah, even if Barry’s on. Sorry dude. Luv ya here though). I usually have CNBC on in the background during the day. If they had pretty much anything else on in that time slot (well OK, not Cramer), then I probably wouldn’t reach for the remote until the 6:00 news. I mean TV is supposed to be all about ratings, right? But then what do I know; maybe his ratings are great. Guess that’s show biz.

  8. Brian commented on Jun 1

    Yeah, it’s kind of a dead zone at 5:00. I dunno what the idea is exactly, keep people who need to hear some Bush Boostin’ from turning to Fox?

    Very impressed with CNBC Asia of late. Hope they don’t screw it up.

  9. DBLWYO commented on Jun 2

    Interesting that nobody here seems much in love with Larry or Jim. Back when I used to watch TV didn’t enjoy them at all and when they got their own programs gave it up entirely. If the alt. is Lou Duhhs then comparative performance is o.k. but absolute is negative. Only TV bizzprogram that’s simple, clean and packs a bunch of info (about 90 min or so) into 30 is PBS’s Nightly. Not to say I don’t enjoy and savor some of the morning programs but given a limited time budget….

  10. Bynocerus commented on Jun 2

    I don’t have the visceral dislike of Kudlow and JJC I see from others, but I don’t watch either’s program for a variety of reasons, chief if which is that neither is particularly informative. And it doesn’t help that LK is an uberconservative who is so blindly partisan that he regularly features Art Laffer on the program.

    As for the ride, If I won that piece of shit I’d sell it the same day. It’s Fix It Again, Tony (Fiat makes Maserati) for a reason. Barry’s first instinct is right: If I’m gonna drop 100k on a sports car, give me the 911 Carrera 4 S.

  11. Matt commented on Jun 2

    I listen to Kudlow on XM on my drive home, so I don’t always match voices to faces (although I am getting much better lately!).

    So I thought it was a little weird to hear you say you wouldn’t be surprised if gold fell to $575. A few weeks ago, I heard lots of people saying that gold could realistically shoot up to $700.

    My head is starting to spin.

  12. Matt commented on Jun 2

    It’s pretty much a given that Price and Quality are NOT very highly correlated in the car industry. In fact, it’s probably an inverse relationship (the more you spend, the less reliable it will be). So anyone who expects a $100K+ car to have the same or fewer mechanical issues than a “consumer” car like, say, a $17,000 Corolla, is in for a bitter disappointment.

  13. drey commented on Jun 2

    take a deep breath Matt – it could settle below 600 near term and still end the year around 700 or even higher – JMHO.

  14. Matt commented on Jun 2

    I am currently going through an XM radio identity crisis. I love listening to CNBC and Kudlow on XM. However, this morning I heard a freakin Office Max commercial on XM 22 Mix and just about threw the receiver out the window.

    I cannot in good conscious PAY for satellite radio and accept COMMERCIALS on the stations.

    I desperately want to cancel XM in protest, but then I’ll miss my CNBC.

  15. Bynocerus commented on Jun 2

    BMW and Porsche have relatively few mechanical issues among their sports car offerings. On the other hand, AM, Maserati and Lotus are some of the most mechanically defective mid engine roadsters around. However, I do agree with Mark to an extent – The Corvette is about as good as it gets without nearly the sticker shock of an Elise or Vanquish.

    Of course, I speak from the experience of driving other people’s rides, as I would never pay that kind of $$$ for a car. I’m happy with my little LS.

  16. Jim commented on Jun 2

    Pete, right you are. I’m curious for your opinion on this rather gutsy statement. Jim

  17. Nick commented on Jun 2

    I heard the Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem pales in comparison to my beloved Syracuse location. Though I have yet to personally sample it.

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