Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (6/26/06)


Since I am out of town later this week, I’m on Kudlow tonite.

The topics will be all the M&A activity, the big Warren Buffett / Bill gates charitable foundation "merger," and the housing market.

I’m scheduled to be on from 5:20 to 6:00 pm — Pat Dorsey of Mornignstar, Michael Thompson of Thomson Financial, and Keith Wirtz  of Fifth Third .

Be forewarned:  good haircut, bad tie. >

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  1. hmd commented on Jun 26

    bad tie …. that’ll be a first !!!

  2. Bynocerus commented on Jun 26

    Please god please let it be one of those ties the kids give you for Christmas that is horrible but you feel obliged to wear. My “favorite” is this hideous Looney-Tunes tie featuring Fog-Horn Leg=Horn that would sorta-kinda go with black but nothing else. Nothing like $2,000 worth of get-up with a $5.99 tie to complete the look.

  3. Barry Ritholtz commented on Jun 26

    Not a bad tie — just not a fabulous one

  4. Brian commented on Jun 26

    Still trying to talk down oil eh Larry? Oh well, I hope he never capitulates and turns bullish because that’ll be the top.

  5. BDG123 commented on Jun 26

    I broke my rule to see your purdy hair cut. What is this mime stuff? You obviously didn’t know you were on camera and were making all kinds of facial gestures to someone off set. I couldn’t quit laughing.

    I am just so disappointed that all of these people on these shows with you simply don’t have a clue as to cycle theory. It’s the same old economic mumbo jumbo. Economists look at discrete business cycles without any concern what impending build ups are dislocations are left over from prior cycles. And they are always looking in the rear view mirror. To listen to Wirtz or Thompson, we’ve never had nor never will have a recession. Have these people ever studied anything prior to 1985?

    Whether it’s inflation, deflation or stagflation or overheating of China or the American consumer going belly up or whatever, the world is an unhealthy place that needs cleansed

  6. chris commented on Jun 26

    Kudlow needs help dressing in the morning.That tie could make you cry. Kudlow also needs to be taught to keep his hands in his own screen.Next time he does that you should bite his hand barry.

  7. muckdog commented on Jun 26

    Where was the Cody Cam? LOL. And if Pat Dorsey gets to do both Fox News’ Bulls and Bears and K&C, does this mean BR will be on the Fox business block anytime soon? C’mon, they’re giving us Lenny Dykstra for goodness sakes.

    Good job on K&C.

  8. Bluzer commented on Jun 26

    Missed most of the ‘lucky sperm’ remark. Could you please post it – or better yet the entre exchange – for our edification?


  9. Bluzer commented on Jun 26

    Kudlow simply wants to will oil down, stocks up, real estate up and the dollar up. Just will it. Like, if he says it often enough it will. Like, with the force man.

    A lap dog for this administration, he is.

  10. rick commented on Jun 26

    i missed the show, what did dorsey say ??
    anyone ??

  11. Sammy20 commented on Jun 26

    Bluzer hit the nail on the head. Not only did Kudlow do his usual pump tonight, but now I guess he has decided that since Barry has an opinion that is somewhat contrary to every other “this market is cheap” zombie on the show Kudlow will simply not even ask Barry for his opinion. Now he seems to only ask questions of people who share his opinion and the way he leads his guest to his opinions is shameless…and all of them go along w/ him!!

  12. Barry Ritholtz commented on Jun 26

    I am his hedge. I know he likes me personally, and he has always said nice things about my research, even when the conclusions are inopposite to his.

    If I’m wrong, Larry gets to crow — he was bullish and right!; But if I am right — I promise you he gets credit for it with the audience.

    Play out the scenarios — its a shrewd move on his part.

  13. toddZ commented on Jun 26

    That’s EXACTLY why ‘Mad Money’ won’t last… there is no “Bear” counterpart! If we hit a few month bear market nothing will save that show.

    BTW- I think it’s hilarious when Michael says, “The p/E ratio is below average so time to buy!” Any second grade math teacher can tell you that in a range bound number sequence, 1/2 of all data points will be below average.

    p/E contraction is not so terrible when earnings are increasing, but God help us when earnings start to decline.

  14. Sammy20 commented on Jun 26

    understood, just wish he was more impartial and let his guest (especially you) have more of a free flowing exchange of thoughts. I used to enjoy the show and it seems to be transforming into a one sided perma bull hour. Your comments, although repetitive to me since I read this blog several times per day seem to be the only semi-contrarian viewpoint and listening to others try to dispute your views is interesting….and sometimes laughable…i.e. Lafferts comments.

  15. sell_the_ten_year commented on Jun 26

    Enough of these bull zombie quislings. The anti-Ritholtz discrimination has to go!

  16. dr commented on Jun 27

    you seem to dislike Larry and his show …… he gives you great visibility…. is there deep-seated hatred between the two of you

  17. ee commented on Jun 27

    quit going on his show

  18. jab commented on Jun 27

    Sorry Barry – Haircut was worse than the tie.

  19. Bynocerus commented on Jun 27

    here’s an idea:

    Both you and LK go out and find the five ugliest ties you can find. Then, you bet the uberbull on the level of the markets six months from now. Whoever loses has to wear the ties for five consecutive appearances (which, in Kudlow’s case, would be one week straight). Just an idea.

  20. M. Knight commented on Jul 2

    Good job. Thought that Pat Dorsey was more reserved than during his FOX moments. Keith Wirtz seemed like a better than average investment thinker.


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