Media Appearance: Wall Street Journal Report With Maria Bartiromo


I got tagged to do one of the weekend shows: Wall Street Journal Report With Maria Bartiromo.

Maria interviews Noah Blackstein and I about Market conditions, exit strategies, and what the rest of the year could look like. We also discuss Dell and Microsoft, given all the recent news on the two companies.

Its on repeatedly during the weekend on NBC and CNBC —  200 local markets at different times, and in some cities it may be on Fox or CBS. Here’s something I never thought I would type in my life:  Check your local listings for time and channel.

In NYC, the Wall Street Journal Report is on early Saturday morning, Sunday at Noon on NBC4 (but the US Open will pre-empt it). And for cable fans, its on CNBC Sunday, June 18th at 7:30pm

The full schedule is here: NBC


UPDATE June 18, 2006 8:43am

So I watch the show, and yes, I am that fat — no diet/no gym til I get back from vacay after July 4th week. I want to lose at least 10 (modest goal). It comes right off my face.

The taping is in the studio where Cramer does Mad Money (the opposite half of the room).

The editing tightens things up a bit, but unfortunately removes the discussion we have on Dell, why former bull market leaders do not lead the next bull market, etc. Its too bad, cause I thought that was the best part of the discussion.

And speaking of how people look on TV — I am sitting next to Maria (who was nice as can be) before the taping, and whatever small beauty imperfections she may have are apparent (and I say this as a fat bastard  with VERY flawed looks) — she has an aqualine nose, a scar on her mouth, she’s not particularly long legged.

But her eyes are gorgeous, and her full lips are beautiful. Sitting next to her, she looks pretty damned good. Then I look over at the monitor, and like an idiot, blurt out "Boy, does the camera loves you!" (She smiles)

The show rebroadcasts on Sunday nite at 7:30 on CNBC.  >

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  1. emd commented on Jun 16

    try not to pull a Bernanke…. ;>)

  2. Tim commented on Jun 16

    Man, you have to page down through a lot of Suze Orman and Paid Programming to find this one on the Tivo listings for CNBC over the weekend.

  3. B commented on Jun 16

    Congratulations! Well deserved. It’s about time they give someone other than the Wall Street bobbleheads some quality programming time. Get me a date with Maria. She can step outside of her marriage for a fling can’t she?

    Hopefully, you’ll have an opportunity to provide more of a “deep thought” discussion on current market conditions unlike the attention deficit format of Kudlow….who really seems like a nice guy……….I just don’t know after years of being on TV what the hell his show’s objective or audience is.

  4. jim commented on Jun 16

    Barry- B can have Maria. Fix me up with Erin.

  5. brian commented on Jun 16

    It’s on at 4:am…..right after “Hispanics Today”…
    You’ve Arrive’d Barry baby!

  6. Brian commented on Jun 17

    jim, as long as I get Becky Quick!

  7. jab commented on Jun 17

    Here is something interesting – just because I had an hour to kill I looked at every persons bio listed on the CNBC site. I was curious if any of them had a business/finance/economics degree. ONLY ONE PERSON has this qualification! You would think out of all of the reporters that CNBC employee they could mix in more than one person that actually took some relevant classes in college.

    Oh by the way the biggest shocker is the one person with the degree is the money honey – maria herself – a minor in economics.

  8. ndk commented on Jun 17

    Interesting, jab. Rick Santelli’s background is particularly cool. It says a lot for apprenticeship and learning as you go.

  9. Greg commented on Jun 17

    For anyone in the bay area
    – this will be at 5:30 am sunday morning on NBC11 (KNTV) according to the listing’s I could find. Crap, why didn’t I get that Tivo yet. As I don’t have CNBC I may get up just to see it. I have to get up before 6:30 to watch the market open weekdays anyway :(

  10. Kris commented on Jun 18

    I’m amazed that the person that runs CNBC doesn’t require them all to pass the Series 86/87 exams that securities analysts do. It’s a basic level but they often broadcast stories that are totally wrong because they can’t read a financial statement and/or don’t understand how the market works.

    Does the cooking channel hire people who don’t know how to cook? Weird right?! ;-)

  11. Gib commented on Sep 19

    Re Federal Reserve twin rate cut: Status quo ante Volcker.

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