Email of the Week

This is — by far — my favorite email of the week:

"Your blogs are both great.

I peddle porn on the internet (quite  successfully, I might add) – and it’s a recent career shift from being a California real estate broker!

I can say that myself and other pornographers consider yours the #1 blog for financial advice and read it daily! I think you’ll even  have a number of pornographers signing up for your research paysite!"

-Ray Hoffman,


There are two issues here:  First, you just gotta respect someone who knows when to get out of the Real Estate market — and pretty close to the very top;

And 2nd, I may have to change my tagline to "The Big Picture: The leading choice of discriminating Pornographers everywhere!"

Thanks for the email, Ray — it made my day . . .


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  1. JimB commented on Jul 14

    Makes you wonder what belong long OR short means in their world

  2. Alaskan Pete commented on Jul 14

    Was it signed Jackie Trehorn, dude? The rug really tied the room together man.

  3. Bynocerus commented on Jul 14

    Here’s a pitch for you Barry: A monthly trading publication for both retail and institutional investors, with hard-core porno spreads inside. FT research quality married with Penthouse sensibility has gotta be a surefire winner, and with all the new pornographers signing up to the pay-site, I’ll bet you can get some high quality ‘talent’ for a song.
    Now all we need is a name. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

  4. Bynocerus commented on Jul 14

    How about just “The Money Shot”?

  5. econjohn commented on Jul 14

    please also post your faves of the month, year, and all time…

  6. Bob A commented on Jul 14

    Maybe you can get an endorsement from Tony Soprano too…

  7. Bob A commented on Jul 14

    on Minyanville the headline reads:
    Friday Roundup: The Geopolitical Situation Trumps Fundamentals
    David Miller
    July 14, 2006 12:01 pm

    I would add: …and the Fundamentals Suck

  8. Brian commented on Jul 14

    Now that’s a recession proof sector. But a lot of competition and no barriers to entry. I don’t get how people make money in it.

  9. BobG commented on Jul 14

    this market could be ” taking it up the A%^$%& ”

  10. RB commented on Jul 14

    I suggest “The Big Picture: Size Matters”

  11. David Silb commented on Jul 14


    Please tell my brother in California to please send me samples. I think he may have lost my address so please have him forward all DVD’s to you and I will discreetly get them from you.

    Remember my wife and my brother don’t like each other so all correspondence will have to come to me in plain brown wrapping paper with the title “Economic and Market research for empirical data review.”

    Thanks man, This goes alot to strengthing families.

    If he acts like doesn’t know me then ohhh just have him send them to you and you can forward them on to me. Remember plain brown wrapping paper with the title “Economic and Market research for empirical data review.”

    Sooner or later he will come around.

  12. David commented on Jul 14

    “Now that’s a recession proof sector. But a lot of competition and no barriers to entry. I don’t get how people make money in it.”

    Because porn has no calories. You would be surprised at how much can be consumed without feeling sated.

  13. Barry Ritholtz commented on Jul 14

    Ohh, man — do I see this degenerating very quickly . . .

    I guess it is a Friday, so keep the no calories / protein diet jokes coming
    (I mean — you know what I mean)

    (and I couldn’t get passed my own spam filter!)

  14. K-Dawg commented on Jul 14

    As they say, porn is where the money is at…..

  15. kdR commented on Jul 14

    always a Bull market in that biz and there’s no need to worry about outsourcing or a brain drain

  16. emd commented on Jul 14

    When I’m not surfing internet porn, i’m reading Barry Ritholtz’s Big Picture Blog….

  17. Kevin commented on Jul 14

    You’ll be able to tell who is peddling the gay porn by who is asking your opinion of Johnson & Johnson.

    Also, I would imagine they would all be active traders, considering how they like to get in and out… and back in… and out… and in again.

  18. Ned commented on Jul 14

    The Much Bigger Picture.

    Need to rethink the whole whackage thang now.

  19. Kevin commented on Jul 14

    That would also explain if you were to get tons of e-mails telling you that Chubb just came out of a double bottom.

  20. Alaskan Pete commented on Jul 14

    So his name is Ray Hoffman. Must be related to Jack Hoffman.

  21. brian commented on Jul 14

    “The Big Package”

  22. Brian commented on Jul 14

    If real estate investors are going into the porn industry, I’m shorting the porn industry. Let us know if you hear anything more.

    P.S. The amount of Brians on your blog is getting out of hand. I’m already the 3rd Brian in this post. I hope the two people who go by “B” aren’t Brians too.

  23. MASH commented on Jul 14

    Maybe this pornographer could use Cody or Kudlow maybe even Cramer in one of his films!! BOOYAH

  24. douglas commented on Jul 14

    This was inevitable with all the whackage talk.

  25. Brian commented on Jul 14

    MASH, it could feature Cody making love to Kudlow in a bathtub full of MSFT stock certificates! haha

  26. Brion commented on Jul 14

    OK. I am re-christening myself ala “B”

  27. Matt commented on Jul 14

    27 posts and not a single “QQQQ” joke yet.

  28. Bynocerus commented on Jul 14

    Just got a chance to scroll back through, and it looks like “The Big Package” and “The Money Shot” are the two best entries. I like those two a lot, but it seems like we haven’t heard the best yet.

    Seriously, I know the publishing end of it if Barry can use his contacts to get good financial content. Sadly, I’m only half kidding about this idea.

  29. Whammer commented on Jul 14

    Big Bear Naked Picture.

    Bear Naked Markets.

    I think “The Money Shot” is actually very hard to beat; um, er, difficult to top,
    er, unlikely to be exceeded………

  30. Ned commented on Jul 14

    The Full Barry,
    Grin and Barry It,
    Bear Assed Markets or BAM?

  31. ML commented on Jul 14

    “The Invisible Hand”

    “Bell Curves”

    “Straddle” (The Option)

    “Fast Money”

  32. ML commented on Jul 14

    Thought of a few more while in the shower . . . uh, I mean while watching baseball:

    “A Random Walk — With a Hooker”

    For you technicians – “False Bottoms” or “False Tops”

    “Bulge Bracket”

    “T&A – Tits and Alpha”

    “Goldmansex” (that could be licensed from the already existing site)

  33. whipsaw commented on Jul 14

    Dear Mr. Sherman McCoy:

    Thank you for your resume. Although we think that you are highly qualified for the advertised position, we were rather disturbed that a Google search disclosed that you have a blog at which implies a certain lack of moral recticude. We were even more disturbed that you link to which is, quite frankly, a hotbed of acts that are outside of the limits of Goldman, Sachs’ Principles of Acknowledged Reality.

    Therefore, we must decline to consider your application to replace Mr. Paulson although some may say that he is much more deeply compromised than yourself.

    Thank you for your interest and good luck in the future.

    Very truly yours,

    H.R. Bunny

  34. Web Geek commented on Jul 15


    This may just be the summer heat talking, but I think your idea is f-ing genius.

    I know your pitch was directed to Barry, but I’ve been looking for a new project, and I want in. Seriously. If you make it a purely web-based publication for minimal startup costs at the outset, then I would volunteer to handle everything except the financial content (I’m not qualified.)

    What I am over-qualified to do (mom would be so proud…) is run an adult website. My current gig involves managing several adult content sites for a big outfit in the valley. (for all you non-SoCal folks, that’s San Fernando valley, “The Real Silicon Valley” and world capital of Pr0n.)

    Regarding naming, you also need something that you can tie to a unique domain for maximum effectiveness. Obviously was already taken, so I did a little Colbert Report type word association… Real Money + Money Shot… and was born. Or registered anyway. Also .net and .org

    Anyway – I’ll probably just make it a straight porn site if this discussion doesn’t turn into anything, but I do think it’s a killer idea. Let me know if you want a partner to run the web division.

  35. Bynocerus commented on Jul 17

    It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s that getting good writers to contribute could be a full time job for six months even if you were well connected. The problem is finding the writers.

  36. Bob commented on Jul 27

    Fuck you, your site sucks!

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