Zidane vs Chirac

I don’t know if this is real or photoshopped, but it is simply too funny not to post:


It certainly looks real relative to this photo from CNN:


Chirac: France still loves Zidane
Monday, July 10, 2006; Posted: 11:31 a.m. EDT (15:31 GMT)

Chirac hails Zidane as subdued French return from World Cup loss
Yahoo! UK Sports, Mon 10 Jul, 5:33 PM

Chirac forgives Zidane ‘the virtuoso’ for his World Cup madness
By Henry Samuel in Paris
Telegraph, Filed: 11/07/2006

France loves you, Zidane: Chirac
Sunday Times ZA, Tuesday July 11, 2006 06:27 – (SA)

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  1. eli commented on Jul 13

    Come on Barry… wunder_bar is some livejournal user who loves to photoshop images:


    Took 30 seconds on google to check up on that. How did you come across that cheesy photo? :p

  2. eli commented on Jul 13

    granted.. i’m guessing since i can’t read anything on his livejournal sight..

  3. Bill commented on Jul 13

    The button on the hand of Chirac may be a clue…

  4. dumbfounded commented on Jul 13

    that’s not a button, it’s Zidane’s thumb. I too think it’s photoshopped, nevertheless.

  5. Mike commented on Jul 13

    Come on Barry, that’s faker than the hair on Vince Vaughn’s head!

  6. ML commented on Jul 14

    Barry, you need to beat your boy Kudlow the Charlemagne line he loves to use vis-a-vis French/European growth. I’d love to see the look on his face if you dropped that on him and acted like he never spouted it off before.

    He uses it a lot, but is still hilarious. I almost spit out my drink the first time he used it.

  7. Zidane Game commented on Jul 20

    All players trade insults of every kind. All sorts of bad play happens such as dives, shirt pulling and holding. None of this is right.

    However direct premediated attacks like what Zidane did is not accepatable for any reason, no matter what was said to him. Deal with it after the game.

    Many seem to either not know or forget that Zidane seems to have a “good” record of being red carded for dangerous offences before, including head butting and stomping.

    Perhaps because he was such a fantastic player of the ball his other short comings were being overlooked all this time. Players who have this sort of record should be banned for life from all play everywhere irrespective of how good a player of the ball they are. The game is bigger than the player.

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