Media Appearance: CNBC’s Morning Call (8/21/06)


Today we briefly discuss whether or not this rally can keep going beyond the summer on CNBC’s Morning Call at 11:05am today.

Filling in for the lovely Liz Claman will be Michelle Cabruso Cabrerra.

Last time out, I almost got bumped — first by W, then by OBL . . . Let’s hope for better luck today . . .

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  1. jim commented on Aug 21

    This rally must be for real when Bush showing up on CNBC isn’t good for a 50 Dow point decline.

  2. mv commented on Aug 21

    Good interview!

  3. Leisa commented on Aug 21

    BR, nicely done–both you and the other guest. I love to hear rational folks on TV! I also like Liz and Michelle. I think that they are both terrific.

  4. rjv commented on Aug 21

    Looks like W waited for you

  5. Brian commented on Aug 21

    Yeah, MCC is one of the better ones. They should give her Larry’s show when he makes the inevitable jump to Fox.

  6. JDamon commented on Aug 21

    You know who I’d like to see more of is Melissa Francis. She is well spoken, seems to know here stuff and is simply gorgeous.

    You guys are right, the CNBC women financial reporters are absolutely the best. FOX doesn’t have anyone close to these three. Becky Quick is awesome as well (is she on MSNBC or CNBC)?

  7. GRL commented on Aug 21

    OT, but mind-boggling statistics from a recent letter to FDIC from the Mortgage Insurance Companies of America:

    The most recent data available from a survey conducted by the NationalAssociation of Realtors shows that first-time homeowners – 40% of all borrowers in 2005 – had an average down payment of only 2% on homes costing $150,000, but 43% of these homeowners had no down payment at all.

    (footnote omitted)

  8. peanut commented on Aug 21

    that is mind-boggling

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