Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (8/17/06)



We are back to our regular Thursday night schedule of appearances. Some of the regular crew is on:  Marketwatch writer (and new blogger) Herb Greenberg, along with Jeff Macke (who I met this past weekend at MIM) as well as Fifth Third fund manager John Augustine.

The topics will be the new Rally, Technicals & Sentiment, and of course, Inflation. We’re scheduled to be on from 5:30 to 6:00 pm. 


Missing from the line up is Noah Blackstein, who I understand is something of a market groundhog:  If Noah comes out of his trading turret and sees his shadow, we get 6 more weeks  of any selloff; If he does not see his shadow, markets rally. (I wonder if part of the problem is that Noah lives in Canada)

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  1. Lee commented on Aug 17

    Loved the Piponomics ‘FOMC old, new article’. Finally a more simple gargon. lol

  2. Robert Cote commented on Aug 17

    Kudlow: “Barry Ritholtz, President of…and a great blogger.”

    Wow, I finally agree with soemthing Larry said.

  3. Alaskan Pete commented on Aug 17

    Dell is gettin’ taken to the woodshed. Off 5% thus far. Profits down 36%, SEC probe on “accounting and financial reporting matters for certain past fiscal years.”

  4. S commented on Aug 17

    Yep…as if they didn’t have enough on their plate, now they’ve got the accounting stuff to deal with.

    DELL has good sponsors, though. Both Bill Miller and Mason Hawkins averaged down on their already significnat DELL positins during 2Q. Bill Miller bought an additional 11 million shares and Mason Hawkins added to his Dell position and now owns 76 million shares. Looks like they’ll get another opportunity to average down tomorrow :-)

  5. Brian commented on Aug 17

    I have this hypothesis. Tech is the new commodities. Commodies are the new tech . . . well, growth. Actually I think I stole that from Don Coxe. Oh well.

    Dell makes boxes. Anyone can make boxes.

  6. Monty commented on Aug 17

    Is it time for Michael Dell to make another huge, public purchase?

  7. Bob A commented on Aug 17

    The Larry Kudlow d i e t. Watch Larry. Lose your lunch. God he makes me wretch.

    (had to put spaces in d i e t to get past spam filter?)

  8. doh! commented on Aug 18

    Kudlow gives me the dry heaves as well. Try the mute button and looking out the window. Better yet, don’t watch. Sorry Barry. Love the blog!

  9. Kris Tuttle commented on Aug 18

    Being largely out of public equity markets for the summer and coming back from a couple of weeks of family vacation I was caught off guard by Larry Kudlow during his regular show today. He was crowing about the best ever stock market ever! Stocks are at 5 year highs! We are proving again that capitalism is alive and well!

    I started wondering what could have happened these last two weeks?! True there was a small technical bounce from oversold conditions but with little volume and no change to the underlying fundamentals. Most stocks seem to be flat to down of late and realistic concerns about the economy and inflation remain unresolved.

    It’s hard for anyone to be perfectly objective but Larry reminds me of the worst when it comes to repeating sins of the past when “experts” regularly explain with authority that investors will be “just fine” no matter what the data suggest.

    We read plenty from far smarter people out there on the macro economy and the markets and can find absolutely no clear agreement or compelling reason to try and outguess them. It’s embarrassing to watch someone like Larry Kudlow distort information and offer conclusions with zero research behind them. Thankfully we rarely watch anything on CNBC due to the pain it inflicts.

  10. Craig commented on Aug 18

    Ditto to the above comments.

    I’m about ready to puke again if they say “snakes on” ANYTHING again…… The only snake I see on CNBC is when they have Ann Coultergeist on to team-up with Larry’s rosey political views.

    Last nights idiot topic was Larry’s take on “activist Judges”. Anyone that utters that phrase is a complete MORON, is clueless about our Constitution and way of life, and should be immediately discounted as a total zero.

    It would be wiser to chastise the executive branch for non-compliance with the LAW as it carries out it’s responsibilities than to attack our Court system for lawful limitation of the executive as intended by our forefathers.

    Wiser but apparently not politically idiotic enough for Larry.

    BTW, Macke’s hair was perfect.

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