Blog Measures?

Here’s a couple of ways to check out various blog metrics:

does reach, traffic rankings, page views.

I like the Blog Smackdown feature: You can also compare two blogs to see which one gets more traffic.

Analyzes traffic

Breaks traffic down into various components: By Details, Referrals, World Map, Location, Out Clicks, Entry Pages, Exit Pages.

Blog Media Tools:


Turn your blog into a live radio show

Blog Printing

Turn your blog into a printed book

Some fun blog stuff:

What’s your blog worth
Business Opportunities Weblog

Blog Shares
The fantasy blog stock market

Truth Laid Bear
Relative Traffic Ranking of the top 5000 blogs
(But It was more valuable before people started gaming the system)

If you know of any other worthwhile blog tools/measures, please use the comments, and we will add to the overall list as it develops . . . 

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  1. lurker commented on Oct 13

    Hey Barry your blog is worth almost $300,000 bucks.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. fiat lux commented on Oct 13

    Alexa’s traffic measuring methodology is, to say the least, questionable. Their “Alexa Toolbar” is the prime tool for gathering information. How many readers here use that toolbar?

  3. Al K commented on Oct 13

    BR, thanks for the information but I don’t think my website/blog will ever make the big time. I blog for the enjoyment of sharing financial information I find with my friends and relatives. If it helps them, all the better. Big blogs like yours are a different animal they are a wonderful source of information and opinion. I read your blog everyday, please don’t stop.

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