Light Posts Due to Fast Laps

Due to a very thoughtful birthday present from Mrs. Big Picture, there will be somewhat lighter posting the today and tomorrow due to travel — mostly in broad and curvy circles:

Lime Rock CT / Skip Barber

UPDATE:  October 5th, 11:14pm

This was an awesome trip — I’ll try to do a full update of what i learned over the weekend. Bottom line — a ton of fun, and a very education experience . . .



Skip Barber

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  1. lurker commented on Oct 4

    Have fun.

  2. Minmex commented on Oct 4

    Taking the RX8, or using the school’s cars?

    Remember smooth is fast :D

  3. GRL commented on Oct 4

    What kind of car will you be driving?

  4. Albert Ruback commented on Oct 4


    Enjoy it!
    I drove a Formula 1 car and Viper when I went there a few years ago and it was a trip. I remember the “Pro” who was a passenger in the Viper when I drove it around the track told me to “make the tires sing”. Then, when I did, in fact, make the tires screech while going around the turns, he said, “sweeeeeeeeeeeet.”

  5. Steve commented on Oct 4

    You will have fun! I took its 3-day competition course at the Road America years ago. There was a guy in the class almost went off the track trying to avoid the driver in front of him, on the back straight immediately after the famous “flat out, no lift” Kink. We all laughed our butt off when he told us about the incident during lunch, as he described the length of the skid mark on the track versus the one in his pants…

    Love to pursue a career in auto racing, but it is the rich men’s sport…

    You don’t know me, but I work for Ray in Chicago, and we loved reading your newsletter..

  6. KP commented on Oct 4

    Sounds like she’s definitely a keeper. Enjoy! (jealous)

  7. Michael C. commented on Oct 4

    Awesome! I treated my wife to the Laguna Seca several years back for the driving class, and she loved it!

    Alotta fun. The cars & instructors were great. And everyone taking the class were a great bunch. I was even allowed to sit in on everything, except the driving part!

    Have fun, Barry!

  8. KirkH commented on Oct 4

    Awesome wife! I know that track but only because I’ve driven a bunch of laps there in a driving simulator. If you have a decent computer you should give it a go.

    I raced a realistic 1967 F1 simulator online vs. a Porsche driver from the American Le Mans series. My first real Autocross event went really well after the simulator training. Anyway, point is, you might want to do some virtual laps so you can blow away the instructor when you get to the real track.

  9. donna commented on Oct 4

    Have a great time!!! And Happy Birthday!!

    I keep wanting to get my hubby some fast driving for his birthday, but don’t know where the good places are. Suggestions for SoCal??

  10. Dean commented on Oct 4

    Donna – Skip Barber holds classes at Laguna Seca, that’s probably closest for you. Also, the Bondurant school is very good, they have a dedicated facility in Chandler, AZ. Third choice is the American Racing School at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Good luck.

  11. Barry Ritholtz commented on Oct 4

    Just got back — BMW 330s and M3s, Porsche 911s, Audi RS4s, and Dodge Viper.

    Too much fun for words . . .

  12. Eclectic commented on Oct 4

    Have fun Barry.

    Hurry back though… we’re gonna need you to help us eat crap from the bulls.

  13. Les commented on Oct 4

    Dear Barry,

    The White Hart Inn in Salisbury has a decent hamburger. It’s not very far from Limerock. I live in Lakeville. Woodlands is nice also.

    Lester Lipton

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