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NOTE:  This Market Commentary alert was originally emailed to subscribers at Ritholtz Research & Analytics on Mon 10/23/2006 9:49 AM EDT;

This is posted here not as investing advice, but
rather as an example of a trading call for potential subscribers. We
expect to post future advisories in a similar manner — after the call,
but in the correct chronological location on the blog.


A few weeks ago, we moved to dedicated servers. We did this to insure that site wouldn’t encounter problems caused by anyone else, and to insure "maximum uptime." We also moved the domain to ritholtz.com from ritholtz.com/site.

Since then, numerous subscribers have been running into problems logging in. Account settings from the prior server host are the culprit, but firtunately, there is a very simple fix.  To cure this, you need to clear out your old RR&A "cookie."

We put detailed instructions on the support part of the site. But to make sure that no one has any further log in problems, please follow these instructions: 

For IE6 (Internet Explorer):

In Internet Explorer – select Tools from the top menu.
Select Internet Options.
Under temporary internet files, click the button marked ‘settings’;
Click ‘View files’
Find the file called Cookie:administrator@ritholtz.com/ and delete it

(Note that IE7 is still in Beta testing; Until it is an official release, we are not supporting it)

For Firefox:

select Tools from the top menu.
Select ‘Options..’.
Select the ‘Privacy’ section at the top of the dialog box
Select the ‘Cookies’ tab.
Click ‘View Cookies’.
Select the cookie file called ‘Cookie:administrator@ritholtz.com/ in the ritholtz.com folder.
Click ‘Remove Cookie’.

I am promised this will resolve the log in issues.Tech support informs me that everyone who has done this has had all of their log in problems resolved.

If you need additional assistance with this, please email our help desk (helpdesk@ritholtz.com)  with a daytime telephone number, and they will walk you through this.

My apologies for the technical issues. Hopefully, this will be the last of these issues, and we can focus on what is going on in the markets . . .

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