Media Appearance: ROB TV

by popular request: the Friday the 13th appearance on Rob TV (and the return of the sweater!)

click for video


Too many "uhs and umms" in this clip for my taste

Note: A few emailers said they could not pull this up on their own. A trick is to use Safari — you can view any web address, even if the site "hides it."

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  1. Robert Coté commented on Oct 16

    “Safari.” Yes, I would hope by now anyone reading here can read between the lines. Those of us that surf-a-lot or surf for business reasons are crazy to not be doing it on a Mac. By coincidence I was configuring two laptops. An older (obsolete) HP PC 2yrs old, and a fully serviceable nearly new 2yr old iBook. The PC took hours and countless inputs and reboots and the first test of the internet necessitated downloading anti-spyware. The iBook took three reboots (10.4.x, 10.4.8 combo, security update) and didn’t even ask for a serial number.

    Time is money. Frustration wastes time. Security is money. For anyone claiming to be data driven the conclusion is obvious.

  2. KP commented on Oct 16

    Let’s not turn this into a pc vs. mac event. Both have pro’s and con’s. The one universal truth when it comes to picking a camp is to go with what serves your needs best. Believe it or not, this can and does vary.

  3. Mark commented on Oct 16

    SHE’S beautiful!!!! The Sweater I mean.

  4. DD commented on Oct 16

    Did that lady call you Mr. Barry?? were do they find these ppl.

    btw you can wear that outfit when you and abelson get married in new hampshire.


  5. geat commented on Oct 16

    Jesus man,

    get a NEW suit and Good clothes. You represent RCP don’t look like a freakin bum.

    –Brooks Brothers

  6. Barry Ritholtz commented on Oct 16

    Last minute call — I usually have a suit and tie in the office

  7. DD commented on Oct 16

    how come you dont comment on you and abelson getting married? it a state were it is legal or course if it still is…i wouldnt know…not that theres anything wrong with that…

  8. MAS commented on Oct 16

    Very good performance. It’s nice to hear you finish a thought without Kudlow cutting you off mid-sentence. I hope you do more appearances on ROB TV.

  9. S commented on Oct 16

    So, the YouTube founders, who were all former employees of PayPal, walk off with $1.65 billion of GOOG stock. Big news. So Ben Charney at MarketWatch writes a story about it. And any reporter worth his salt get’s a quote from PayPal’s founder, Peter Thiel. And the quote, describing one of the technology visionaries is:

    “He helped design the original PayPal T-shirts….”

    Wow. What a ringing endorsement of the kid’s tech savviness. He HELPED design a t-shirt. That’s the best comment he could make about the guy?

    No mention is made if the kid also designs sweaters.

  10. jj commented on Oct 16

    hopefully he can design the RCP sweater / t-shirt line

  11. charlie commented on Oct 16

    I think you did a great job IMHO. The ums weren’t really intrusive- only covering for a brief thought pause. By the way you were right. Safari ran it without a hitch.

  12. lurker commented on Oct 16

    I think he’s done “working” for a living. He may buy a few sweaters though. Ya never know.

  13. Josh commented on Oct 16

    Here is what Peter Grandich says about Rob TV….

    I actually watched CNBC-TV with the sound on and if I didn’t know any better, I could have sworn they rang a bell for the top in gold and bottom in equities and I missed it. Is it just me, or is anyone else not going to be surprised to see the CNBC-TV anchors all wearing DOW 12,000 hats and blowing those New Year’s Eve gadgets in preparation for the second coming of the great equity bull market? For the love of God, please just watch CNBC’s counterpart in Canada, just one day so you can realize exactly how biased and unprofessional most of CNBC-TV really is – (and how classy all of ROB-TV is).

  14. Sherman McCoy commented on Oct 16

    Whoa… this is the first time I’ve seen you post an embedded video of a TV appearance here, Barry, and the effect is great- I really got the emphasis of your bottom line argument from the video here in a way that wouldn’t be possible from written text, no matter how eloquent or well-reasoned it is… Seeing you physically talking appears to make your argument stronger…

  15. KirkH commented on Oct 16

    I wish the top econ bloggers knew how grab skype Video discussions. Hell, I’d even buy the cameras if it meant we’d get a thoughtful alternative to CNBC. You could just do a little editing and upload episodes to YouTube, then embed them in the blog.

    BNN? This would be a good open source project if used with Ogg… Just checked, they’re already doing it.

  16. calmo commented on Oct 16

    So the gate-mouth lady (yes, no sweater for her, dammit) is not speaking with a lisp I take it and I have been pronouncing Ritholtz with an unnecessarily hard edge.
    Now if her colleague in the suit had shown up in a sweater, would she have appeared in that sweater? You know it. He was probably warned that 1 sweater was all the show could manage. Business has to look better than busy.

  17. muckdog commented on Oct 16

    Not bad, BR. I don’t know why the clothing police here are giving you such a bad time. Who cares.

  18. m3 commented on Oct 16


    i thought it was pronounced rit-holtz…


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