Edge of Blade Runner

Very cool documentary of one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi flix, Blade Runner: Towards the end, director Ridley Scott solves the mystery of whether Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a replicant or not . . .

Edge of Blade Runner
Channel 4
52 min 16 sec – Apr 27, 2006

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  1. a commented on Nov 20

    was there any question after the unicorn scene was added.

  2. samuel commented on Nov 21

    I especially like the commentary about how the movie Bladerunner has been an accurate forecast of the direction of modern Los Angeles.

  3. Quiddity commented on Nov 21

    That was fascinating. Thanks for posting it.

  4. Eclectic commented on Nov 21

    Here’s my all-time favorite horror movie:


    … Here’s the deal in a nutshell: Somebody gives you the ‘parchment’ (ancient curse in runic symbols) and you get the Demon, and he’s one real mean sum’bitch.

    If you’re holdin’ the parchment and can’t u-n-l-o-a-d it, you get the Demon.

    …talkin’ about left holdin’ the bag!!

  5. MooPoint commented on Nov 21

    I don’t have time to watch the whole thing, was he a replicant or not?!

  6. Captain Ned commented on Nov 21

    Ridley Scott says Deckard was a replicant, but the screenwriter says Deckard was human. Who knows for sure?

  7. suri commented on Nov 21

    I didn’t check out the doc, but this is how i’ve seen it..

    There’s a sequence where Deckard dreams about an unicorn, and in the end Deckard finds an origami unicorn by his doorsteps, left by his colleague.

    Earlier in the movie Deckard tells Rachel that her memories are planted, describing one of her intimate memories in detail to her.

    So, did the colleague know about Deckard’s planted dream, or was this a pure coincidence ? The look on the Deckard’s face when he finds the origami is telling.

    I personally like this director’s cut version better, as it reflects the sort of hopeful hopelessness I like to sympathize with. Rachel eventually dies and maybe Deckard too, but they’d have their short time in freedom, living on the feeling that provides them the illusion of life.

  8. sam commented on Nov 22

    there are lots of tell tale signs that deckard is a replicant.

    The unicorn scene already mentioned

    All replicants have eyes that glow at one point in the movie. Deckards glows in his apartment while he is just out of focus

    Gaff tells him he did a ‘man’s job’ suggesting he isn’t a man.

    He has tons of photos on his piano that have nothing to do with him. just like the Leon (‘they need memories’)

    Roy knows Deckard’s name without being told it. The original script has Deckard saying he is Roy’s brother.

  9. Kevin_r commented on Nov 24

    Thanks for this. I enjoyed it immensely.
    Fascinating background material on Philip K. Dick

  10. Alex commented on Nov 24

    Outstanding. Thanks for posting this.

    Ridley Scott’s explanation of what Decker really is, that was really a tremendous climax to this interesting documentary. I often wondered about that very odd scene where he was at the piano. Now I understand.

    I saw this film as a test screening, just before release. I was in college at that time, and all of us got it immediately. But the sappy happy ending and the voice overs got belly laughs. I really agree that they sabotaged the movie, and am happy the film got a second chance.

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