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I’d like to welcome to the ranks of MSM financial blogs The Economist. Their new blog is called Free Exchange; They join other such mainstream media bloggers as the WSJ, NYT, Business Week, Barrons, and Marketwatch.

So far, all I’ve noticed are really disorineting flash ads. I haven’t
got to any of the content yet, but as soon as the flash-induced vertigo stops,
I’ll try to check it out in some detail.

Free Exchange can be found here:                


Hat tipNew Economist         

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  1. MAS (San Diego) commented on Nov 7

    The Economist is a great magazine. Sadly it is impossible to unsubscribe from their emails.

  2. cButler commented on Nov 7

    Great blog. But what really stands out is the civility and thoughtfulness of the comments posted, even over what are very contentious subjects.

    *You can block ads with The Proxomitron which can be downlaoded in lots of places.

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