Meet the Smithereens!

I’m all over this:  Meet the Smithereens!

In addition to being a huge Beatles fan, I also like the Smithereens — and love the songs Top of the Pops, and A Girl Like You. If you are not a Smithereens fan yet, their new best of (Blown To Smithereens) is $8.49 at Amazon

Not only is this concept album a very clever idea, it took huge cojones to step and do a full cover album of Meet the Beatles. Bloody brilliant!


you can stream the disc by clicking below:


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  1. theroxylandr commented on Dec 21

    It’s not a “cover”, it’s just a “copy”. What’s the purpose?

    I’ve heard many true Beatles covers, and some (not many) of them, believe me or not, are better than originals. More modern instrumentals, more interesting approach – same great words and music!

  2. O’DonnellWeb commented on Dec 21

    Meet The Smithereens

    The Smithereens, covering not just a Beatles song, but an entire album. And not just any album, they took on that record that defines The Beatles for many in that generation. Link takes you to stream of record.
    hat tip: The Big Picture

  3. Barry Ritholtz commented on Dec 21

    I’ve yet to hear any covers of the Beatles that are better than the original — different, interesting, frsh — but not better.

    Hook me up! What Beatle covers are BETTER?

  4. Al_K commented on Dec 21

    I have the original Beatles albums and a record player so why do I need this? These guys are soft and pleasant with none of the power the Beatles put across. To paraphrase, “I know the Beatles and they are not Beatles”. Either cover the song in a different way or not at all. Sorry Barry

  5. Tom C., Stamford,Ct. commented on Dec 21

    Rock n’ roll’s not for snobs, it’s too much fun! Picture yourself walking into a local club/bar and the guys on stage are doing covers like these guys. What, you’re not gonna dance?

  6. Tlazolteotl commented on Dec 21

    I got one word for you guys: Laibach.

    In other words, some Slovenians beat the Smithereens t it.

  7. wcw commented on Dec 21

    Laibach didn’t cover Meet The Beatles. Plus, their best covers — in order — are of Opus Dei (Life Is Life), the Rolling Stones (Sympathy for the Devil) and in a distant, distant third, the Beatles (Across the Universe). Sure, they did most of Let It Be, but it really wasn’t their high point. Also, don’t mess with “some Slovenians”. Which version of the Yugoslav dissolution to you want: the Croat, the Bosnian, the Macedonian — or the Slovene? I think we know who wins that little race.

    Yes, yes, my heritage is 3/8 Slovenian. That doesn’t make me wrong.

    Back to the topic, the Smithereens were always fun, and I go back to 1983’s “Beauty and Sadness” EP. I am sure they’re still enjoyable, but right now I’d rather be fixated on the rather too-earnest but otherwise beautiful “You Broke My Heart” by Lavender Diamond, a band that takes Linda Ronstadt as seriously as Fugazi or Marvin Gaye.

  8. PigInZen commented on Dec 22

    Nice, Barry, thanks for the killer recommendation. Sure, those covers are pretty damn true to the originals but for some reason I seem to really dig them more. Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved the Smithereens and can hear “Blood and Roses” in those songs on the stream.

    Something about that constant distorted grind going on in “I Want to Hold Your Hand” just appeals to the aging punk rocker in me. Sheesh, if my young kids only knew the stuff I used to listen to…

  9. theroxylandr commented on Dec 22

    >>> I’ve yet to hear any covers of the Beatles that are better than the original — different, interesting, frsh — but not better.

    >>> Hook me up! What Beatle covers are BETTER?


    Roddy Frame/In My Life
    The Breeders/Happiness Is A Warm Gun
    Spooky Tooth/I Am The Walrus

    are better than originals

  10. Polly Anna commented on Dec 23

    You know…I’ve got quite a Smithereens collection here and happen to believe that “Top of the Pops” was the beginning of the end. :^) I don’t say that to sound cocky, but I feel like they lost their way and a Beatles tribute album (copy or cover?) is not a surprise. After this, uhhh, probably Jerzi-fied jazz standards or something else that will fit into their Hamptons vineyard shows. The earlier stuff still sounds great to me though and thanks to Barry for continually dredging these things up.

  11. Scottzzz commented on Jan 11

    I think a lot of you guys are missing the point. You all seem to be worrying about the “why” and not focusing on the final product.

    Polly Anna, “Top Of The Pops” was not the beginning of the end of anything, except MAYBE their “commercial success”. Have you ever listened to either “A Date With The Smithereens” or “God Save The Smithereens”? Those 2 albums feature the same energy, power, intelligent & witty lyrics, and sense of melody & hook as anything they released in the early 80’s. You need to keep in mind that those albums were released at a time when Nirvana (who publically stated The Smithereens were a HUGE influence, and modeled the SOUND of “Nevermind” after “11”) and Grunge was taking over the airwaves. The band never “lost thier way” and continue to make thier own music on their own terms.

    “Meet The Smithereens” was a labor of love for the band, and it shows in the listening. So they released an album of covers. Big deal. So did Susannah Hoffs & Matthew Sweet. So did Ozzy Osbourne. So have TONS of other artists. “Meet The Smithereens” is not just an album of covers. It is a faithful, accurate, and loving tribute to the album that made 4 guys from New Jersey want to be musicians. This album captures the spirit and energy of the original 1964 release, and yet still manages to sound like The Smithereens here & now in 2007. Give the entire album a listen (It’s available on iTunes now, as well as available for Pre-order on Amazon), and see for yourself.

    I am a HUGE fan of both The Beatles & The Smithereens. It was BOTH of those bands that made ME want to become a musician. In fact, my first band was a Beatles tribute band (sans wigs). I say, for the record, that the Beatles records were PERFECT, and no matter how you interpret, rearrange, or cover the songs, you can not top perfection. There are NO Beatles covers that are better than the original records. There are some that are just as good, but NEVER better. Will “Meet The Smithereens” ever be considered as good as “Meet The Beatles”? Probably not, but for me, it’s great to hear my 2nd favorite band of all time take on my favorite band of all time.

  12. Scottzzz commented on Jan 11

    I forgot to mention a couple of things.
    The Smithereens have been playing live year after year, and haven’t really been in the studio for quite some time. “Meet The Smithereens” was a way for them to get re-aquainted with the studio, and each other in something other than a concert context. It got them geared up to go BACK into the studio to release a NEW album of Smithereens original tunes later this year.

    In addition, let us not forget that when The Beatles went into the studio in January 1969 to start work on the ill-fated “Get Back” project (that eventually became “Let It Be”) more than 50% of the time in the studio was spent playing covers of songs that inspired them.

    So, if you want to look at it this way:

    The Beatles spent time in the studio playing covers of thier favorite songs to get them geared up to record thier own material, but they didn’t release the covers.

    The Smithereens spent time in the studio playing covers of thier favorite songs to get them geared up to record thier own material, but they DID release the covers.

    Now shut up & enjoy the music! :-)

  13. Dfactor commented on Jan 15

    I LOVE covers, and this is no exception. God bless ’em! Who has time for new songs anymore.

    I did a whole year of covers in 2006. Listen to ’em at Pure Volume.

    I even snuck in a cover of The Smithereens’ “Behind the Wall of Sleep” during my live set.

  14. DBlack commented on Jan 21

    I know I’m way out of touch, but why doesn’t Mike Mesaros play on this album? I can’t find anything relating to this, or maybe I’m too late. Help! Thanks!

  15. John commented on Mar 7

    As everyone knows, the Smithereens released their affectionate homage to the Beatles, Meet The Smithereens.

    Be among the first to check out the first video off that album for “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

    See the band as bobbleheads! Pure genius!!!

    Check it out here:

    If you like it, let us know!

    If you love it, (let us know) AND snag the embed code from that page and embed it in your MySpace page or blog.


    -Gotuit Music

  16. DBlack commented on Mar 25

    Am I really so far out of touch that no one wants to tell me why Mike Mesaros does not play on this album?

  17. JP commented on Apr 25

    I believe I read somewhere that Mike and the Smithereens had parted ways some time back. They have a new bass player, Severo “The Thrilla” Jornacion, who’s pretty good. That being said, I too will miss Mike and his energy. Hopefully, they will all get back together in the future.

  18. DBlack commented on May 25

    Thank you JP! I wish I knew more…

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