Sinatra in Vegas

Sinatra_in_vegaAmazon has a cool video of vintage Frank playing with a full band in Vegas.

This is an awesome gift for anyone you know that is a Frank fan. The 4 CD/1 DVD set — $49.99! — is on my holiday short list of must haves.

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Here’s a review excerpt:

The new Sinatra: Vegas box set is the most essential Frank Sinatra release to emerge since the outstanding Sinatra in Hollywood collection of rare and unreleased soundtrack material that came out over four years ago… almost. More on that caveat later.

After enduring scores of unnecessary and pointless posthumous Frank Sinatra "best of" compilations, reissues, repackagings and "limited editions," Sinatra: Vegas finally gives both the casual fan and the die-hard collector something we actually want: four CDs and even a DVD of previously unreleased (officially, anyway) live material spanning the years 1961 to 1987, all recorded in — you guessed it — Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

For starters, the thing looks and feels great, packaged in a sturdy black longbox with shiny silver lettering. The discs are housed in classy yet functional digipacks, and the booklet is chock full o’ photos and remembrances, if a little skimpy on details (yes, some of us want to know the exact dates of the recordings, not just the month and year). You even get a couple reproductions of vintage promotional posters to hang in your locker… or something.

As far as I’m concerned, the DVD should be the Holy Grail of Sinatra: Vegas. It claims to be the fabled "complete unreleased" May 5, 1978 Caesar’s Palace concert performed in front of an audience of liquor salesmen, celebrities, and a Catholic priest, as recorded by CBS but never broadcast in its entirety. Sinatra predicts that "this will be shown in 1982" during his introductory remarks… and he was only off by about 25 years.



Music Review: Sinatra: Vegas
Stephen V Funk
Blog Critics,  November 11, 2006

Five-Disc Boxed Set Features All Previously Unreleased Live Performances Of Ol’ Blue Eyes In Vegas
Definitive Collection Due November 7
Spans Three Decades And Features The Chairman At His Best

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  1. Big Al commented on Dec 5

    Never could stand sinatra after I learned he was Mafiosa.

  2. Aaron commented on Dec 5

    This is nice. I guess. But what about today’s economic news??? I need a fix Barry, hurry!

  3. rtalcott commented on Dec 5

    Great find!
    Thank You!

  4. jmn commented on Dec 5

    That’s good stuff. Feels like you’re at a Vegas show.

  5. Kai Middleton commented on Dec 5

    Frank Sinatra? That’s just weird.

  6. brion commented on Dec 6

    make it one for my baby……Frank rules.

  7. Craig commented on Dec 6

    Just wait kids……when you get older you’ll be listening to Harry Connick singing Sinatra and blogging about his hidden gem disc from Hoboken.

    I never thought I would golf either…..

    Sooner or later you will grow out of Bon Jovi. Or Bon Jovi will.

    And how many of you could refuse a hand-up by the Don? It doesn’t denote “membership” or Frank would have been fill at Giants Stadium along with Hoffa. Remember, you can’t just quit….

  8. S commented on Dec 6


  9. scott commented on Dec 6

    sinatra reviews, new-look website….hmm…so your bearish outlook has been laughed at for months now….funny how this site is concentrating on other things…..a 5 month vacation would have sufficed : )

    i dont see you kudlow much anymore…his choice or yours?

    btw, i always enjoyed your appearances, and spent a great deal of time reading this site…..but you HAVE confirmed what i suspected all along….dont put too much credence (fogarty, cosmos factory, or otherwise) into what the genius pundits say….it will cost a person way too much….
    id ask you what you thought about the prospects for 07, but i think i’ll ask my aunt bertha instead…..she DID pick the 69 jets, afterall

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