Media Appearance: CNBC’s Morning Call (1/23/07)


A quick heads up:  Iwill be on CNBC at 11 am, on a segment they have titled: "What’s Ailing the Markets?"

We will discuss the State of the Union Address, Earnings, and the Market with Dylan Ratigan.

UPDATE:  CNBC Posted the video on line here:


CNBC Morning Call Video

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  1. emd commented on Jan 23

    the markets aren’t exactly “ailing”… what’s gonna happen if we actually do have a correction??

  2. Rey commented on Jan 23

    is that 11am est or pacific time?


  3. Neal commented on Jan 23

    If this is ailing I’ll take ailing all the time. Wait til the market catches a cold for real.

  4. Patu commented on Jan 23


    could you scratch your nose when you are on as a sign to your blog readers that you are thinking about us?

  5. S commented on Jan 24

    You mentioned in the Ratigan interview that you like hospital software plays. You might want to take a look at CERN. They consistently put up 20% to 25% growth on the top and bottom line. Consequently, investors have given it a fat multiple which I have been scared by…and watched the stock become a 4-bagger in about 3 years.

  6. Brandon commented on Feb 8

    Hello I would like to file a complaint regarding CNBC news anchor Mark. I don’t know his last name, but I was watching this morning like I always do and that guy Mark was totally rude. I was really offended by his comment about bankers. Making the quote that all these idiot bankers don’t know what the hell they are doing. Who does he think he is insulting all of us mortgage bankers like that.

    We watch CNBC to be informed about the market, not to hear the negative opinions of some grumpy anchor. I guess that is the bottom line, NEGATIVITY. Yes we all know the sub-prime market is in trouble but we don’t need him to add insult to injury. I hope this email is taken seriously. I love wathcing CNBC and I don’t want to see that guy on there again. And if CNBC does decide to keep him on, he better keep all of his negative opions about people to himself. Catagorizing all of us mortgage bankers as idiots is absolutley unexceptable. Thanks for listening.

    Brandon V.






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