New Yorker Global Warming



The more observant of you will note that there is no California on this map . . .


This is a parody of the famous Saul Steinberg 1976 New Yorker cartoon called "A View of the World from 9th Avenue, 1976"

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  1. financialrx commented on Feb 10

    … and palm trees in Canada.


  2. RW commented on Feb 11

    Marvelously captures that perennial NY parochialism: Buildings on the island are still visible above water even though other continental features including mountains more than a mile greater in height have disappeared.

    But perhaps the cartoonist detects a shift of even greater tectonic moment? Could it be that California has disappeared from the NY cultural landscape, that the flow of hacks to plastic wonderland will cease? Oh, be still my palpitating heart!

  3. Bluzer commented on Feb 11

    guess the cultural advantage of being able to turn right on a red light wasn’t enough….

  4. Ken M. commented on Feb 11

    …and Utah is south of Las Vegas ???

  5. eugene harris commented on Feb 11

    The intent must be to reduce air travel. Not good to have airplanes pumping out carbon-dioxide at 35,000 ft.

  6. cm commented on Feb 11

    bluzer: Even though this is quite off-topic, my country had right turn on red until 1977, when it was restricted to specific intersections featuring a new right-arrow sign at the light. The rationale was too many pedestrians being bulldozed by careless drivers. Apparently not much of an issue in the US, as there are relatively few pedestrians in most places, and I have heard stories of pedestrians being stopped by the police and asked what their business is walking in that place at that time.

  7. RW commented on Feb 11

    ” …parody of the famous Saul Steinberg 1976 New Yorker cartoon …”

    But of course — I’ve read the New Yorker for nearly 50 years and while I do not consider it as fine a book as it was in Thurber’s day it remains one of the premier issues none the less IMHO — but never mind: The cartoon was only a parody of Saul Steinberg’s cartoon to the degree that the original was itself a parody of NY parochialism; that’s the joke.

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