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Here are some recent TBP stats:

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4,034 posts   
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Total visitors:   10,450,345
Total page views:  13,864,333

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  1. johntron commented on Apr 17

    I wonder how much of this (instant connectivity to millions of people, theoretically greater exchange of ideas, global social memes) will translate to long-term economic growth that exceeds the historical norms…..

    Or despite the internet, blogs, etc., are we humans still victims of our own susceptibility to cognitive dissonance, animalistic fears and prejudices….merely selecting information from the internet that reinforces our personal conceptions of the world.

    Judging by the comments posted on your typical website (this included), the jury is still out.

    I guess we’ll have the answer in twenty years.

  2. jeebsaves commented on Apr 17

    Barry, Your blog’s RSS Feeds are messed up. Please fix them.

  3. Barry Ritholtz commented on Apr 17

    What’s messed up — how do I fix them?

  4. curmudgeonly troll commented on Apr 17

    More efficient communications usually allow greater fools to imitate each other more efficiently.

    See Cramer, Jim.

  5. me commented on Apr 17

    Barry, looks OK here.

  6. phil commented on Apr 17


    Impressive numbers for an impressive website.

    By the way, what is a “Trackback”?


  7. jeebsaves commented on Apr 17


    I have set my Firefox Browser to subscribe to you blog via the following link:

    Firefox calls it Live Bookmarks. For some reason, it’s not working since last few days. May be it’s a Typepad issue. I don’t know how to fix it.

  8. TexasHippie commented on Apr 17

    Johntron – The internet has also brought flash mobs, divisive political group-think blog cesspools, penny-stock pump/dump SPAM, and ADD-inducing flashy advertisements; despite information being more accessible, there will still be crowds of significant size and surprising stupidity.

    Jeebsaves – I use the same feed URL with Google Reader. I’ve had a few minor problems in the past but I’ve had none recently. You may wish to use Google Reader ( ) instead of Firefox since you can access the reader from any computer, any browser, anywhere.

    Barry, keep up the great work!

  9. zell commented on Apr 17

    Say what? Are those numbers ex- food and energy?

  10. marc h. commented on Apr 17

    Google Reader always works fine for me.

    BTW, I’ve got a (rant-filled, self-indulgent) blog now — mostly music with some politics, business, etc.

  11. Michael Schumacher commented on Apr 17

    And I’m SURE that you’ve allowed for the # of unique hits to take into account people who clear out thier cookies so as to not report a staggering number of New page hits……..LOL

    Just like com score, alexa, et al……LOL
    You should take those #’s over to Sand Hill Road… worth a stack of pancakes at Buck’s right?……..LOL


  12. Paul commented on Apr 17

    You can also use as a feed reader. It’s my fav toy of the moment.

  13. Winston Munn commented on Apr 17

    The CSI (Core Subscriber Index) is at the high end but a slowing economy over time should reduce that number.

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