Some more positive news:  A new outlet for "infotainment" and financial news: MVTV — The worlds first animated financial show!

UPDATE: April 11, 2007 9:37am

Its been YouTubed

click below for MVTV video


It’s aaaaalllll good!

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  1. Barry Ritholtz commented on Apr 10

    Have you noticed the proliferation of online financial video sites popping up everywhere?

    In addition to the WSJ and the NYT, Wall Strip and now MVTV also

  2. Tom B commented on Apr 10

    ….Now downloadable to your Microsoft “Bob” powered handheld.

  3. Michael Schumacher commented on Apr 10

    Yes I’ve noticed that in the tech news area too….seems any bonehead with a pair of decent looking “sweater puppies” gets a deal.

    AS far as the proliferation of financial video sites??…well you can add that to yet another sign of the top. What happened to Fox Biz channel??.got really quiet on that front all of a sudden. Rupert gotten cold feet???

    Can’t be because of all this POSITIVE news? could it??



  4. erik commented on Apr 10

    by far the funniest thing ive seen in a while. bravo.

  5. toddo commented on Apr 10

    Barry–yes, because video is more viral than the written word, it’s a natural progression. Case in point, has been around since 2002, this ancillary is simply a natural extension of our existing brand. You’ll see a lot more of Hoofy and Boo. Mark my words…

  6. Fred commented on Apr 10

    Congratz Toddo.

  7. Michael Schumacher commented on Apr 10

    the psychological placing of the Bull in the suit and the “boo” bear in the t-shirt is pretty obvious……

    I also seem to see the irony of naming it after, well, a jewish group of prayer…..
    I’ll leave that one alone…..

    or will “toddo” enlighten us here who may not “get it”. And yes that’s too bad we’ll all have to endure more of this in the coming months…


  8. bill commented on Apr 10

    hey ms,

    go get yourself a sense of humor. holy crap.

    “the psychological placing of the Bull in the suit and the “boo” bear in the t-shirt is pretty obvious. ”

    yikes. i feel bad for your family.

  9. Michael Schumacher commented on Apr 10

    care to read the rest of it??….
    guess you did’nt


  10. bill commented on Apr 10

    anal sphincter says what?

  11. Marco commented on Apr 10

    Excellent concept and great writing. Run with it!

  12. Michael Schumacher commented on Apr 10

    wow..! Bill it took you five minutes to respond and that’s all ya got!

    I feel bad for YOUR family


  13. bill commented on Apr 10

    ok, wait, wait, wait. before we steal gracious barry’s blog for some more banter, let’s just get one thing straight.

    you comment about my lack of creativity (although i think invoking mike myers is always appropriate), then you post…

    no, “i feel bad for YOUR family”.

    who’s lacking wit.

  14. Michael Schumacher commented on Apr 10

    If you have to come back to explain it…well…..


  15. bill commented on Apr 10

    explain it!!!

    jesus, you’re trying to say six minute abbs are better than my 4 minute abbs.

  16. Jacki Wheeler commented on Apr 10

    Way To Go, MV, VERY funny Hoofy and Boo and YES, I very much look forward to next week’s “episode” lol

  17. snooky commented on Apr 10

    The web hostess at welcomes Hoofy and Boo to the show. the rest of U all…maybe even Barry, need a Haolife set to some meery cheer from , oh, say, Vince Guaraldi. Think dancing characters….The market going your way..

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