Afternoon Break

CPI? OER? Too heavy! Too much analysis! My brain hurts!

OK, stop complaining. I hear you (and read all your whiny, complaining emails). Its almost a 3 day weekend, and you don’t want to think that hard.

So try this: Wall Strip gets bought by CBS.

Here’s the video:


After you watch, highlight the following text:

Yes, I believe that was a set up.CBS was in on the joke. Its funny nonetheless!

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  1. ManhattanGuy commented on May 22

    Hilarious. What a nice way to promote your site?

  2. sport commented on May 22

    Lindsey is lovely.

  3. Dave L commented on May 23

    Very funny! This also reminds me of a similar stunt David Letterman pulled about 22, 23 years ago when GE purchased NBC. It included a doomed attempt to deliver a congratulatory fruit basket to the GE offices at Rockefeller Center. – Anybody remember the GE corporate handshake?

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