Blogging economists

Nice article in Reuters on this blogging thingie:

"To debate leading economists on hot topics like globalization and
free trade, you can hang out at Harvard — or log on to a growing group
of brainy blogs.

Blogging, the soap box for the masses, is getting a bit more
high-brow as elite professors look to share their views on the issues
of the day and interact with an audience that may not spend much time
on exclusive college campuses . . .

A recent study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found
that bloggers typically write about their own lives and experiences,
and most have never had their work published elsewhere. Some 8 percent
of Internet users, or about 12 million Americans, keep a blog.

But high-level economists have reams of research published in
peer-reviewed journals, and the big names are routinely quoted in the
financial media and cited in policy speeches.

We have a nice mention in the full piece, where we are wedged wedged between profs Daniel Drezner and Brad DeLong — which seems just about right . . .


Blogging economists draw cyber-crowds   
Emily Kaiser
Reuters Wed May 2, 2007 5:57PM EDT

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  1. EJS commented on May 3


    Been a long time reader just wanted to let you know that this “Blogging Thingy” has caught on enough that there is now a class in my MBA program here in NYC about Blogs.

    I mentioned your blog as being a staple and the instructor was well aware of your contribution to this “Thingy”

  2. Winston Munn commented on May 3

    It is the interaction of the blog host and the wannabes in the “comments” section that makes BP special. To critics, I say buy a subsciption and you’ll find out whether or not he knows his business.

  3. KP commented on May 3

    Blogging serves professionals in that it exposes them to viewpoints and information that is outside their regular circle. Anyone who really is an intellectual knows how valauble this is.

    For average Joe it is a chance to have their ideas read and maybe even debated by someone who they either respect or disagree with, and that has incredible value to those of us who wish to expand their understandings of anything and everything.

    I know these blogs don’t run themselves and it means a lot of work for their hosts, I for one appreciate it.

  4. John Thompson commented on May 3

    Yeah, it’s an exciting medium. For instance, I used to think economics was hella boring. But now, I understand why
    everybody is crazy.

  5. me commented on May 3

    What KP said.

  6. Philippe commented on May 3

    This blogg is an answer to the one-dimensional world of the media, an answer “from the democracy” and you accomplish these goals daily.
    congratulations !!

  7. donna commented on May 3

    Pah. Back in the day when the Internet was pretty much only available to computer and government and education folk, we chatted up the university people every day. ;^)

    Your blog is one of the more enjoyable economics and finance blogs, though. Thanks for all you do here. It is appreciated!

  8. robert campbell commented on May 3

    Right or wrong, I always appreciate an intelligent point of view that is backed up with facts.

    Thank you Barry. You’ve got a great blog, and I read you on a regular basis to help me “try” to connect the dots.

  9. Irving commented on May 3

    Funny thing is that a lot of these average Joe bloggers seem to be predicting things with a great deal more accuracy than many of those so called experts! What does that tell you?

  10. Big Al commented on May 3

    Does that mean you are fatter than daniel, but not as fat as Brad?

  11. rex commented on May 3

    Except Brad hardly ever posts about economics anymore. Why oh why can’t we have better economics bloggers!?!

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