Media Appearance: Bloomberg TV (05/16/07)

I’m off to Bloomberg TV, for Closing Bell, from 3:55pm to 4:10 or so. We will be discussing the Markets, Fed speak, the slowing economy, various sectors, and whatever else comes up.

Some bullet points I hope to hit:

• Inflation remains elevated, as the economy slows: Slowflation

•  Big Caps over small, Utilities over Technology, Consumer Staples of Discretionary.

• GE, Mosaic, Chicago Bridge & Iron (CBI), Service Corp (SCI) are some of the stocks we will discuss.

If you are not near a TV, you can stream it here:

Should be fun. . .

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  1. vhehn commented on May 16

    inflation is good when the market fears a slowdown

  2. Rich commented on May 16

    How so?

  3. Michael C. commented on May 16

    Hasn’t the market made it clear that it can advance steadily in the face of these inflation & energy price levels?

    Month after month, year after year, the market has risen under current conditions.

    With the slight easing of core inflation, it’s become more likely the market will welcome further multiple expansion from current levels.

  4. John commented on May 17

    What’s clear is that irrsponsible central bankers in the US and Japan, at the behest of the cronyists who run the two governments, are blowing a bubble of gargantuan proportions, the popping of which will severely harm the entire world economy, if not collapse it outright.

  5. Michael C. commented on May 17


    Seems a bit emotional and only as clear as a crystal ball. But maybe that’s just me.

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