Alexa blog rankings by Instant Bull

Instant Bull reports on the financial blogging rankings that they generate automatically via Alexa — These are updated weekly.

I wish there was a blog widget for this — I found a few interesting sites just in the top 20 . . .

Alexa Top 100:
28384 Search 1. Big Picture
41753 Search 2. Infectious Greed
109821 Search 3. Stock Trading 101
111912 Search 4. Swing Trade Stocks
115570 Search 5. Trader Feed
120268 Search 6. Kirk Report
124200 Search 7. Bill Cara
134951 Search 8. Trader Mike
137193 Search 9. Fat Pitch Financials
179161 Search 10. Trader’s Narrative
181165 Search 11. Stock Rake
199257 Search 12. Deep Market
203387 Search 13. Ant & Sons
210981 Search 14. Bull Trader
222934 Search 15. Bull Poo
233750 Search 16. Phil’s World
246416 Search 17. Random Roger
250533 Search 18. Stock Market Beat
261736 Search 19. Precious Metal Inv.
274479 Search 20. Peridot Capital

The top 100 plus blogs by traffic and reach are at Instant Bull

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  1. brion commented on Jun 13

    Hey Barry-
    OS Leopard will allow you to make your own widgets out of web site featurettes. pretty cool.

  2. InstantBull commented on Jun 13

    Barry, thanks much for the post!

    Note that the arrow icons can be used to search for blog postings specific to any ticker that’s typed at the top of InstantBull. Other than these blog features, I encourage traders to enter a ticker and click our GO button – its the fastest way to dig up tips from all the most popular stock forums …

    Currently, we’re updating the blogger rankings on a weekly basis for Alexa and Technorati stats -Gal

  3. InstantBull commented on Jun 13

    MAS, you’re right, once a week we scramble to put together the 25 cents needed to recompile this list, then, if we can scrape together another quarter, we also update our ‘Web’ section :)

  4. Blain Reinkensmeyer commented on Jun 13


    Thanks for the link man, returned the lovin! Great blog btw, think it may become a daily read. Best Regards,


  5. The Financial Philosopher commented on Jun 13

    I know Barry and most who read TBP do not endorse EMH but is it not possible that the proliferation of Financial Blogs could be making the markets just a wee bit more efficient?

    I’m sure those more intelligent than I can make a better argument for or against the notion that Financial Blogs are making financial markets more efficient but in a shameless plug for my own blog, I made extensive comments on just that subject here:


    Kent (aka The Financial Philosopher)

  6. rebound commented on Jun 13


    Good question about the EMH and all of this new coverage on financial blogs. I’d like to think that we are trending toward efficient markets, but my cynical side thinks that the echo chamber may simply be changing shape. I think there is just as much opportunity for herds to develop and market psychology to run amok despite the expanded coverage.

    There was a bit of hostile traffic from Prof. Brainbridge on the E.M.H topic a while back, if I recall, which was a real bummer. It’s a great subject for debate, and I wish it was more widely discussed.

  7. Babak commented on Jun 13

    When did you take the list from instantbull?

    I demand a recount! A reee-count!!

    I’m miffed ’caused I’m #10 on the list!



  8. jj commented on Jun 17


    well deserved

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