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Nice upgrade to the interface and display of Sitemeter:


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  1. joe commented on Jun 1

    Interesting spike in March that probably corresponds with the market going down post Feb 27 “correction”

    I wonder if the spike represents bulls coming to find out what they “missed” in their “analysis” or bears coming to high five for being “right” all along

  2. TP commented on Jun 1

    It would be interesting to see a detailed chart comparing site visits to equity market movement. I bet there is some interaction there.

  3. Contrarian commented on Jun 1

    It’s nice, but Google Analytics seems to be the definitive resource for site statistics. It’s comprehensive and accurate (stingy?).

  4. Contrarian commented on Jun 1

    The update is nice, but Google Analytics is the quintessential web site statistics suite. It’s comprehensive and accurate.

  5. Christopher Laudani commented on Jun 1

    Hey Barry,

    You get almost as many hits as my porn site. Haha

    Keep up the good work.

  6. KirkH commented on Jun 1

    I call shenanigans, SiteMeter always revises the numbers down a month later.

  7. The Financial Philosopher commented on Jun 1

    I believe it would be most valuable to see how many individual people are visiting and who those visitors are, in terms of their professions and/or reasons for visiting TBP. The numbers then would be more qualitative rather than just quantitative. Here are my thoughts, for what they are worth…

    Considering the combination of traders’ appetites for information, the reliability and quality of your content, and your prolific posting, I would bet that you get an average of at least three visits per day, per person, and up to 50 visits per day from some of your “regulars” that I constantly see making comments on nearly every post.

    As an additional comment, I would venture to guess that the increased traffic in March, April, and May indicates higher uncertainty on the part of your visitors. The TypePad graph doesn’t reveal anything truly qualitative but I would assume that your readers are well-informed, “smart money” investors. If the “smart” investors are uncertain, that tells me that the market’s movements are not easily explained, which further reveals that the market is moving higher because of momentum — not because of fundamentals…

    More people looking for answers equals more visitors to your blog. If those people are “smart money” investors, then that could really be telling us something…

    Kent (aka The Financial Philosopher)

  8. Greg0658 commented on Jun 1

    Feb 27th was my first day here. Interest in the glitch from a geek standpoint.

    I’d seen Barry on Kudlow many times, my favorite tv stock market debate show. He gets all the topline players.

    Then I took to you’alls analysis and insight. A few weeks ago I brushed into Larrys site, and I go along with that comment that its the students who make the professors class a winner.

    Not my nature tobe a trader/gambler. Been hoping that you’all in this industry not mess up my retirement package – like I’ve seen elsewere.

    Sorry I don’t have insights on market money making. If ya tell me to get lost I would and not make trouble.

    Back to this posting. The info on the sitemeter bug is incredible. I like the last 100 hits world map.

    Have a nice weekend. I’m traveling and camping at 2 car shows here in the Midwest as a shooter for tshirts mousepads in 1 hour.

  9. KirkH commented on Jun 1

    “At 6pm EST , the pressure of Tropical Storm Barry was 998 mb, with 55-60 mph winds at the surface… and intensifying… It is very rare to have two named tropical storms already by the opening day of the official hurricane season.”

    So much for Florida real estate.

  10. Jenny commented on Jun 1

    I’ve used sitemeter. And I also use like four other stat counters. I think counterize is my fav so far.

  11. alexd commented on Jun 1

    I think that the top graph must have been created by Prof. Joe Camel!

    I’m sorry sometimes I cannot help myself!

    Be well.

  12. Wolf Stone commented on Jun 2

    Barry your blog is one of the best ones around dealing with economics and investing..and it’s wonderful to see that more and more people are recognizing this diamond in the rough (i try not to miss your interviews on BNN). Keep Blogging…n Good Luck !!

  13. Cb commented on Jun 2

    And they give you that lovely free cookie from specificlick…

  14. Eric Blood Axe commented on Jun 2

    I check you a couple of times a day or more,always interesting.

  15. Greg0658 commented on Jun 7

    This thread is about to fall off the main page into webspace.

    Don’t know if BR & TBP will get a posting notice.

    I been wondering if everytime my computer scans past a link if thats a pointpennyclick? Cause I scan past a bunch staying upto date. I find it easier to visit alot as opposed, say once a day.

    I wish that each MainPost by BR had a “last poster time stamp” so I wouldn’t have to open the MainPost Comments to see if there’s something I missed. Help me save some time from my addiction.

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