Well Contained

Kevin Depew of Minyanville sees the usage of "Well Contained" spilling over into other areas:

Every day we fire up the Bloomberg to find yet another
story about someone saying something is "well contained."  Every day. 

You might think this is an exaggeration, but it’s not:

  • Merrill Lynch & Co. Chief Executive
    Officer Stanley O’Neal said rising foreclosures on subprime mortgages in the
    U.S. aren’t affecting other parts of the bond market.
    reasonably WELL CONTAINED," O’Neal said, according to Bloomberg.
  • Things are looking good at the Caribou Hills wildfire
    near Ninilchik, where fire officials report the blaze that burned 88 cabins is
    roughly 43 percent CONTAINED.  "Some of the most troublesome
    areas are pretty WELL CONTAINED now," Fire information officer
    Gary Lehnhausen said, according to KTUU.com.
  • Every year, the Environment Agency spends thousands of
    pounds trying to eradicate the Japanese knotweed, one of the most invasive and
    unwanted species in the UK.  But according to the latest copy of John Lewis’s
    in-house magazine, Gazette, a partner has spotted the plant flourishing in the
    garden at Brownsea, the Telegraph (UK) says.  The Brownsea gardener promises the plant
    is WELL CONTAINED by "heavy flagstone and cannot
  • Chicago Federal Reserve President Michael Moskow said on
    Friday that the Fed still sees inflation as the dominant risk to the U.S.
    economy, but that inflation expectations currently seem WELL
    , according to Reuters.
  • Malaysia has CONTAINED the deadly bird
    flu virus and no new cases have been reported, Reuters reported.  "Based on our monitoring of the surrounding
    areas and nationwide, there is no evidence of infection so far and we can say
    that it is WELL CONTAINED," Mohamad Isa, head of disease
    control at Malaysia’s veterinary services department said.
  • "Subprime mortgage market woes seen WELL
    " – Reuters
  • Assistant Treasury Secretary Anthony Ryan told Reuters
    that subprime problems appear "fairly WELL CONTAINED." Reuters
  • "For now though, the mess in the subprime market remains fairly WELL
    ." – NPR 

  • "Still, with the impact of defaults on subprime mortgages "WELL
    ,” the (FOMC) minutes said that "downside risks were judged
    to have diminished slightly." – Bloomberg
  • "So far, the real estate and construction slowdown seems to be fairly
    WELL CONTAINED to those industries."

    The Bend, Oregon Bulletin


Well Contained, part II:

Look at it!  Here’s the word from the Containers… and this is just in the
past 30 days.

– The market shrugged off comments by U.S.
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who said on CNBC television on Monday that
problems in the subprime mortgage loan sector could be
CONTAINED. – Reuters, Khaleej Times, July 24, 2007

– Lehman Brothers
Holdings Chief Financial Officer Christopher O’Meara told investors on a June 12
conference call that "we continue to believe that subprime market challenges are
and will continue to be reasonably CONTAINED." – Charlotte Observer, Bloomberg News, July 24, 2007

– The
U.S. Treasury Department Friday said the recent woes in the subprime mortgage
market appear to be CONTAINED. – Reuters, July 20,

– Fed’s Poole: "Subprime woes look CONTAINED."
Yahoo News, Reuters, July 20, 2007

– "The subprime problem
appears to be CONTAINED,” said Richard Franulovich, a
senior currency strategist at Westpac Banking Corp. in New York. – Bloomberg, July 17, 2007

Chicago Fed study sees subprime woes CONTAINED. – Reuters, June 28, 2007

– Freddie Mac says subprime rout
"severe but CONTAINED." – Bloomberg, June 26, 2007

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