Teeth Clenched, While Buttocks Remained Firm

Nipples rose dramatically, while small bits of tin consolidated:

Hat tip:  Mike Covel

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  1. Barry Ritholtz commented on Jul 30

    What? No Monty Python fans?

    Geez, I must be old . . .

  2. TexasHippie commented on Jul 30

    That was awesome, thanks Barry!

  3. Fred commented on Jul 30

    “The Meaning of Life” is one of my all time fav’s.

  4. John commented on Jul 30

    Don’t forget “The Money Programme”.

  5. Pool Shark commented on Jul 30

    Damn straight John, come-on everyone…

    There is nothing quite as beautiful as money, there is nothing quite as wonderful as cash…

    btw, compared to Kramer, Eric Idle looks like a straight-man.

  6. cfe commented on Jul 30

    The Holy Grail is my favorite.

  7. tom c.,stamford,ct commented on Jul 30

    Looks like a ‘selling’ climax after feeling a double bottom.

    (No, Barry. Your not old, you’re kind of young, actually)

  8. barnaby33 commented on Jul 30

    You can keep your Marxist ways, for its only just a phase. For its money money money, makes the world go round…

  9. Winston Munn commented on Jul 30

    Barry, something I’ve been meaning to ask you. Your wife…she likes photography…snap, snap, click, click?


    BR: Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

  10. Winston Munn commented on Jul 31

    Say no more. Say no more. A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat.

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