Cablevision or Typepad ?

I don’t know who to blame for today’s glitch — but access has been awful and typepad has been worse.

Updated posts to come later this morning . . .

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  1. cinefoz commented on Aug 14

    Yeah, where did my posts go on the article that disappeared? They were brilliant.

  2. Barry Ritholtz commented on Aug 14

    when its published — i.e., written and edited — they will reappear

  3. keyote commented on Aug 14

    dang…mine too!

  4. Eclectic commented on Aug 14

    I’ve had trouble for days.

  5. cinefoz commented on Aug 14

    Mr Ritholtz said: when its published — i.e., written and edited — they will reappear

    Reply: No problemo, palomino.

    Actually, that is an excellent article for a do-over. Using it to point out the logic flaws posited by the ‘masters of logic’ who wrote it, would be a popular exercise, I expect.

    It is also an excellent example of the sophisticated sales pitch. The techniques here embodied some of those used to sell the WMD argument by GWB. Again, letting those who read it point out the fallacies would a service to your readers.

  6. costa commented on Aug 14

    Cablevision, I couldn’t get onto the internet at all this morning

  7. Neal commented on Aug 14

    Fed intervention…

  8. Paul Peachin commented on Aug 14

    A broadband card makes everything much more portable. It runs at about 3/4’s the speed
    of wired broadband – but that’s pretty good and a fair trade off when you have to deal with the likes of cable companies.

  9. cinefoz commented on Aug 14

    To belabor the point:

    One of the techniques used was ‘the four corners of the document’ tactic. In this approach, you control the definition of the problem and state the only solutions to it are contained within the four corners of the document.

    Then you present arguments that ‘everyone knows are true’. At all times you claim your facts are substantiated by an authority that, unfortunately, can not be questioned directly (straying husbands and boyfriends in that case). I don’t recall if circular logic was used, but it can be very effective if the ‘go to start’ instruction is far from the beginning and phrased artfully.

    It still goes on with more, but I will stop here.

  10. Larry Nusbaum commented on Aug 14

    “Where’s that money, you silly stupid old fool? Where’s that money? Do you realize what this means? It means bankruptcy and scandal and prison. That’s what it means. One of us is going to jail – well, it’s not gonna be me.”

  11. Peter commented on Aug 14

    I could not access NY Times and many Yahoo functions this morning via Optonline.

  12. Chuck Ponzi commented on Aug 14


    Why you creep around here, I’ll never know.

    May we never forget your post… and I’ll quote you:

    “There has never been a Real Estate bubble.”

    That was written July 19th 2006 on your blog.

    Seems foolish if you ask me. Looks like we’ve been Nussbaumed.

    Chuck Ponzi

  13. Chuck Ponzi commented on Aug 14

    Another Gem from the same post:

    “Real Estate “mistakes” will almost always be cured by time. We can not say the say about stocks. I have met many average people over the years that became wealthy by owning real estate for the long-term. I can not make the same claim about other investments, especially equities.”

    You’ve been Nussbaumed.

  14. Larry Nusbaum commented on Aug 14

    Thanks for remaining a loyal reader of my blog, Chuck.

  15. Larry Nusbaum commented on Aug 14

    Here is what the post stated:
    “9. There has never been a Real Estate bubble. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen. But, what are the chances that if you bought a house for $500,000 today and the bubble “pops”, that it’s values goes down to $250,000 or even $150,000? And, can there be a financial bubble if it doesn’t pop?”

    Keep hoping and keep reading……

  16. rebound commented on Aug 14

    I think it was likely Typepad. Out here on the West Coast I was able to access the rest of the Web except for my favorite blog. and were both down, and it appears DNS was working.

    Glad you are back up!

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