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Here’s an amusing reference to TBP:  Mike’s Favorites


Perhaps I should change the name of the blog to Larry Kudlow’s Fave Financial Blog in the next redesign . . .

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  1. curmudgeonly troll commented on Aug 17

    High praise indeed from the sage who wrote:

    Here’s the story: Last Wednesday, August 8, T-bills traded at 4.49 percent. On Monday they dropped [sic] to 4.74 [sic]. On Tuesday, 4.63. And yesterday they fell to 4 percent. This morning they dropped another 50 basis points to 3.52 percent. What’s this mean? It means the entire banking system has turned completely risk averse and is fleeing into the safest haven possible.

    It is fear. It is hording [sic] cash. It is a mountainous tremor that has seized financial markets. [sic transit metaphoria]

  2. John Thompson commented on Aug 17

    Sometimes you wonder when these cheerleaders aren’t selling the reality, because of all the power involved in market manipulation. I guess when the whispers stop, cheerleaders get nervous and call Barry for alternate sensible reality.

  3. john commented on Aug 17

    I’m waiting for someone to bring a class action against Kudlow for all the relentless ballyhoo. Then there’s the fact that he spends half his show berating the govt for all the ills of the world but the minute the market run into trouble he starts screaming, and that’s not an exaggerated description of his hysteria over the past few days, for the govt to step in and save the market. The guy is a complete phony the only area where he seems to show good judgement is in choosing haberdashery.

  4. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Aug 17

    You had any doubt Kudlow was anything but a phony? Not to get too deeply into politics here, but that is the Republican mantra. Free markets all the way, until they, or their friends get hurt. That’s when they want a gov’t bail out. Pure greed!!

  5. VJ commented on Aug 17

    I see the smack dealer finally delivered for all those shivering junkies.

  6. john commented on Aug 17

    Not really. It’s not very hard to discern is it. I dislike his shtick even more than Cramers which is just goofy. The whole set up where he trots on a bunch of Boosters with the token realist like Barry, then proceeds to shout down the realist whenever he makes a telling point. It’s actually an appalling show given the number of gullible folks out there who buy this drivel.

  7. SoNotintheKnow commented on Aug 17

    “The Federal Reserve will continue to accept a broad range of collateral for discount window loans”.

    I have several thousand baby bibs, great fisher/price toys and some yummy catfish all from China. Do you think the Fed will hook me up at the “Window” with this collateral. BTW I market these products under the name GOLDILOCKS.

  8. Eclectic commented on Aug 17

    I can’t find the piece on the referenced site for love nor money… HTF to find it?

    This silly attitude about Kudlow’s responsibility being questioned is reckless and insulting. Be critical of anything he says if you want, but don’t be critical of his right to say it. Actually, he’s been a lot more right than wrong in the last few months. Be objective… not punitive.

  9. Mikey commented on Aug 17

    GREAT read: Nassim Taleb’s “The Black Swan”. Guru’s take themselves to seriously, Cramer, Kudlow, etc etc. Be humble and be right! Mikey, Certified Networked Advisor (CNA).

  10. john commented on Aug 17

    Does Kudlow spend a large part of his time berating “govt” for all kinds of sins. Did he immediately, start screaming for govt intervention at the end of last week. Does his format involve a majority of boosters, a token opposition voice (Ritholz, Greenburg et al)and does he spend a lot of time shouting these people down?
    Would you like to describe for me the innacuracy of any of these statements. His being right involved mountains of Pollyanna talk as the market ran up driven by cheap money and reckless lending. The principal sources of bouyancy in the real economy btw, along with a huge expansion of govt spendin. And btw anyone who thinks this is over is either a fool or has a position to protect.

  11. Eclectic commented on Aug 17

    He gives all those persons you listed a voice… just as Barringo gives you yours… and mine.

  12. David commented on Aug 17

    Kudlow and Cramer reminds me of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They are not the real friends of the Fed. The made Ben Bernanke look like either a liar or a fool.

  13. unirealist commented on Aug 18

    I’m going to give WC Fields credit for the remark that “you can’t cheat an honest man.”

    Honest men/women don’t listen to shills and con men. They walk away (which in modern life means discontinuing cable service and shooting their televisions.)

    Then, you know what, they don’t get burned when a Ponzi scheme collapses.

    Good Christ, anyone grounded in reality could see by the early 80’s that the US financial economy was doomed. But people preferred to believe the reassurances of Santa Claus (Ronald Reagan), the Tooth Fairy (Michael Boskin), the Easter Bunny (Alan Greenspan), and George Bush (the Great Pumpkin).

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