Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (8/23/07)


With Larry on Vacation, Bob Pisani is filling in as anchorman. So we have what looks like an interesting show from 5pm to 5:45pm on CNBC: Along with your humble blogger, there is Circle T Partner’s Seth Tobias, and UPenn/Wharton Prof Jeremy Siegel.

The discussion will cover the Fed,  Countrywide/Bank of America, and today’s messy reversal.

To say the least, it should be interesting. And with Pisani hosting K&C tonite, I am expecting to be able finish my sentences . . .  ;  )

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  1. fatbear commented on Aug 23

    Barry – you’ll like

    The ZunePhone

    As the post says, “this phone is pretty much what you’d expect from Microsoft– a blatant copy, only done messier, tackier, and much, much later.


  2. Harleydoger commented on Aug 23


    Don’t you know by now that when Larry Kudlow wants your opinion he’ll give it to you.

    uhh… excuse me Larry… but was there a question buried somewhere in your pollyanic rant?

  3. Bill aka NO Dude-Abide! commented on Aug 23

    There was a “messy reversal” today? Funny, I don’t remember that.

    I do remember a really strong reversal day last Thursday, though.


    BR: Futures indicated a strong opening — which faded and we closed in the red. I call that a messy reversal — or at best, a sloppy fade.

    Last Thursday, with the market deeply oversold and word of the Fed conf call with the 10 leading banks leaking, we had a positive reversal, closing flattish after being down as much as 343 points. I call that a hammer bottom.

    I can see both sides . . . why cant you?

  4. GerryL commented on Aug 23

    Anyone notice how there is an honest debate when anyone other than Kudlow is the host?

  5. Jack Stevison commented on Aug 23

    Barry, I want to make note of a point you made on the show.

    You’re right, homes won’t lose 85% like sadsaq stocks did after y2k, but with leverage multiplying the effect of a 15-20% decline, it will be just as costly.

    Not everyone who suffered the stock market decline was on margin, but almost all homes are on margin, i.e. – big leverage.

    And, the damage is spread much further for real estate than it was for stocks as you have noted in these pages.

  6. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Aug 23

    In what sense do you mean honest? BR is honest. Pisani is just another market cheerleader, like Ms. Money Honey. Pisani isn’t rude like Kudlow is.

  7. GerryL commented on Aug 23


    What I mean by an honest debate is that the debate is allowed to happen. Kudlow has no intention of a fair debate. If one of his guests doesnt respond the way he wants then he cuts them off and goes to a guest that will agree with him. The show should really be called the Kudlow Propaganda Hour.

    I am sorry to say I agree with you about Pisani. He used to be a lot more impartial but you are right that he has turned into a cheerleader. I am very disappointed in the old timers on CNBC. They used to be better journalists but I am afraid that management has turned them into cheerleaders. Even Mark Haines isnt the skeptic he used to be.

  8. Becky commented on Aug 23

    I went to CNBC’s website, clicked Feedback, and told them how much I enjoy Kudlow without Kudlow. I like Bob Pisani. He lets guests finish sentences and there’s no “rah! rah! Bush! Ra! ra! Capitalism!’ junk. Maybe if enough people use the feedback form on CNBC, somebody other than Larry can host that show. I love the guests and I want to HEAR THEM, NOT HIM.

  9. GerryL commented on Aug 23


    I doubt it will help. For some reason that I dont understand they seem to like Kudlow.

    I have also sent them emails after they had a guest host telling them the show was much better. Actually, I think every guest host has been better than Kudlow.

  10. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Aug 23

    I agree with your point about letting debate happen. Sadly, it’s a lost art. It’s not just Kudlow. Speaking of CNBC and market cheerleaders, did you know that Joey Ramone wrote a song titled “Maria Bartiromo”? It was on some album I saw in a store once. I didn’t buy it, so I have no idea if the song is about her, or he was just being cute.

  11. Werner Merthens commented on Aug 23

    I bet when Kudlow is on the ratings are higher. Controversy draws in more people. They are riled up afterwards, but that does not really matter.

    Let’s call it the Jerry Springer effect.

  12. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Aug 23

    Barry, I know it’s not possible today, but at some point in the future I would love for you to show Kudlow, and maybe Cramer [the dream team], a weekly chart of the dollar going back 7 years. The chart is more broke down than a 50 yr. old Ho.

  13. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Aug 23

    Anyone else see that the FED/FEED is closing the discount window due to no one taking advantage of it save the 4 crooketeers. Per Bloomberg.

    Let’s see, if I were in a jam for capital, and I had conforming paper I imagine I might hit the ole’ discount window for a puny .50% over FFR. Makes ya wonder just how much conforming paper we have out there for those that find themselves in a capital squeeze

  14. MarkM commented on Aug 23


    I see from your blog that you were dismissing any bearish views all the way down and buying as early as July 29th (65% long!)as the market had hit a “probable intermediate low”. How’d that all turn out?

  15. GerryL commented on Aug 23


    I didnt know about the song Maria Bartiromo. I think she is the worst anchor on the network.

    As far as debates and interviews Bloomberg does a much better job than CNBC. They actually give the guest some time to answer a question. I find myself watching Bloomberg more often because CNBC has turned into cherrleading and soundbites.

  16. David commented on Aug 23

    I watched you, great job, keep up the good work. Mr. Pisani is better then Kudlow, at least he lets you finish your sentences.

    Hey Guys, what’s the trend on 5 year bank CD rate’s? I need be careful about changing my long-term laddering strategy too dramatically.

    Thanks for the help.

    “Upon what meat doth this our Caesar (Bernanke) feed”; “This was the unkindest cut of all.”

  17. tom commented on Aug 23

    messy reversal on this volume? doesn’t qualify.
    we’ll know soon enough but today won’t tell you much.

  18. dave commented on Aug 23

    could you please tell them the obnoxious sound effects are driving viewers away. Nobody wants to listen to screeching and banging noise when they’re trying to listen to people explain complicated subjects in economics.

  19. Bill aka NO DooDahs! commented on Aug 23

    Up 10 premarket, range of 19 points, settling in the midpoint of the day’s range, on average volume? Hardly a messy reversal. It shows a lack of perspective to call that “messy,” the 20-day average range is 24.7 points, so a low-range day settling in the midpoint is milquetoast at best.

    Last Thursday, however, was a 45 point range day, settled within 5 points of the high, and had record volume. Messy reversal for the bears. On a percentage basis reversal, only about a dozen or so days in history were that severe, going down 2.4% from the open to end the day up. You SAY you can see both sides: Please, point out the post where you mention that reversal AT ALL, because I don’t recall it. I do recall a bunch of bad news about housing and some cartoons being posted, though.

    Anytime you want to see how my positions are working out, come to the blog, it’s at Unlike most blogs, I have full disclosure. I got 100% long soon after the entry you mentioned, one position stopped out that hasn’t been refilled, and I remain about 95% long with SSO, QLD, and others on board. You can click on the watchlist and see the entries.

  20. angryinch commented on Aug 23

    Rempel has been long and strong all year. Yet sadly, he reports, he has lost money this year. Unusual to see a permabull lose money in a bull market. Guess it requires a special talent like Rempel to pull it off. Hats off to ya!

  21. speedlet commented on Aug 24

    Bill aka no doodads,

    Are you a tout, or what?



  22. MarkM commented on Aug 24


    Wow. Can that possibly be true? Can someone enter another person’s blog and diss the host when their own trading is producing losses? Seems there should be a word for that.

    BTW, what ever happened to that “there is no housing bubble” guy?

  23. Uncle Jeffy commented on Aug 24

    The only solution to Kudlow is no Kudlow.

  24. David commented on Aug 24

    Thanks, this is a great blog.

    When Greenspan cut the Federal Funds rate to lowest since 1961 in 2003, that was the “unkindest cut of all”. 5-year bank CD’s went down to 2.5%. Greenspan was more like a Caesar or a federal Czar, eating the meat of the dollar.

    Bernanke is doing a better job in not cutting the Federal Funds rate. He did a good job in cutting the discount rate that the central bank charges on loans made directly to banks.

    So far Bernanke is doing a good job and he seems to me to be a more likeable guy then Greenspan, Greenspan did act like a Caesar.

    I think CD rates will go back up, as the Dow goes up. The Dow is over price for the risk. The Dows actual historical P/E normalized earnings number is around 45.

  25. Eclectic commented on Aug 24

    Oh, this guy, Bernanke… this guy!

    He is constructing a sonata. We’ll call it the “Bernanke Sonata in F” for Good Federal Funds.

    It’d be nice if somebody could mash-up Bernanke with this:

    I have to tell you, my friends. This man is a p-l-a-y-e-r. He’s a fox… He’s no Helicopter Ben.

    My estimation of the man is increasing exponentially.

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